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    Default Deep Dark Sinister.... Vetiver

    Oh how I love Lalique's Encre Noire.. the dryness and darkness of the entire concoction casts it's spell over me.. and holds on.. BUT... only if I use it indoors.. because it leaves me rather abruptly.. despite spraying healthy doses... it's my skin I know it I get practically NO sillage within about 10 minutes of spraying it... and after 20ish minutes its totally undecectable.

    Just because of that I can't wear it outside.. its become my "home" scent.. and it definitely is one of my comfort scent.. but the non-plausibility of wearing it outside is somewhat tragic for me

    So, does anyone apart from me have longevity/sillage issues with Encre Noire? While we're at it.. go ahead and discuss about any other scent that you LOVE but have similar issues with... scents that you so WANT to use outdoors.. but can't .. scents that've become your "home" scents..
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    Default Re: Deep Dark Sinister.... Vetiver

    Yes, I have longevity issues with Encre Noire. Most of the time I am able to look past this, if I love the scent, but I didn't love EN.

    My home scent? I don't really ever wear Private Collection by Estee Lauder out. Mostly because it's the most wildly feminine scent I own, yet I love it.
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