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    Smile Fendi for Women - Similar?

    Hi, me and my German set are looking for a present for Frau Rudge (our German teacher) and she wears Fendi for Women everyday, but we want to buy her something similar that we can then get the bottle of engraved to say 'From GCSE German set '08 So basically, I need advice on how to get a bottle engraved, and the fragrance! I've got to co-ordinate it all because i'm form captain, otherwise it would be so much easier :P

    Our Budget is 84 (Approx $160)

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    Smile Re: Fendi for Women - Similar?

    What a thoughtful gift Vivek! Google search ( part of Michael Edwards Fragrances Of The World Online) and from the Google list choose 'Please click on the first letter of the fragrance.....'. This will take you into an alphabetical listing of fragrances from which you can find Fendi. The list offers suggestions for perfumes which may appeal to wearers of each scent. Might be a good starting point. I think the list must be updated regularly because I have the page bookmarked from ages ago and the suggestions are different from those offered now. Previous Fendi Classic options were Comme De Garcons Puig, Cartier Le Baiser Du Dragon, and L'Artisan Tea For Two. Can't remember who first posted info about this page on Basenotes but it has been very useful for me. Trophy shops should be able to etch the glass in a pretty script for you, or you may want to have a presentation stand made for the fragrance, and have that engraved instead.
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    Default Re: Fendi for Women - Similar?

    Quote Originally Posted by chaelaran1008 View Post
    ... or you may want to have a presentation stand made for the fragrance, and have that engraved instead.
    What an excellent and unique idea - I may have to borrow that one!
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    Default Re: Fendi for Women - Similar?

    The stand idea sounds very appealing, thanks for being so fantastic chaelaran1008! I'll have to look into finances about the stand and/or etching, I think we may be able to raise a bit more money Unfortunatley though, i'm unable to find Fendi for Women in the directory of the website :S Anyone help me out please ?

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    Default Re: Fendi for Women - Similar?

    What a nice group of students and a lovely idea. Frau Rudge will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    I followed your link and like you, I couldn't find anything for Fendi either. So I tried the Sephora site from a link on Michael Edwards' site. Thankfully that does have recommendations.
    For Fendi classic, from 1995, they recommend Prada, Le Baiser du Dragon and Hypnotic Poison
    and for Fendi 2004 they recommend L'Instant de Guerlain, Burberry original and Lacoste Touch of Pink (frankly, I'd say that last one is a no-no - Frau Rudge probably doesn't want to smell like a 6th former).

    Personally, I'd probably go with the Prada. The brand image is very sleek and deluxe, old-fashioned quality with innovative design. And the perfume is lovely. Very importantly, the brand image and perfume packaging is not sexy, it's classy. No problems with giving a bottle of that to your teacher (because just think what you could be saying if you gave her a bottle of Opium or FCUK Her!)

    BUT - the big caveat as always is to go and have a smell of these perfumes and see if you can find one that smells similar enough to Fendi Femme but different in a good way that Frau Rudge will like.
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    Default Re: Fendi for Women - Similar?

    Thanks Wordbird Unfortunatley I haven't smelt the original Fendi for Women, as it isn't stocked by most shops in Birmingham. Me and my GF went searching today, and we smelt Crystal Noir by Versace and the new Gucci, both are slightly spicy and apparently dry down softly, i'll smell the others and think about it

    Frau Rudge is amazing lol, she's a spaz (in the nicest way, she repeats things, does silly things that make you laugh! Once, she said there was a vase that had really nice flowers, moved the vase, came back five minutes later, looked at it where she had moved it to and said "Oh, look, more flowers!" and it was absolutely hilarious. She's 65, and has dealt with cancer, and is in better shape than my girlfriend, who swims three times a week :P She dresses super chic, and just looks rich, and is very tasteful yet not arrogant. She gives great advice and makes learning German easy

    So far i'm leaning towards the crystal noir or the new Gucci, but i'll ask about, and maybe get one teacher (who's also my friend out of school) to ask her which one she likes

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    Default Re: Fendi for Women - Similar?

    Hello Vivek,

    I am also a huge fan of Fendi, if we are talking about the original Fendi Donna, which, as far as I know, 1985 or 1986. Anyway, I've been looking for a substitute for many years and just recently found two scents, that are quite similar, at least in my opinion. One is the very potent Norma Kamali Perfume, which came out just a few months after Fendi Donna hit the market. The other one is the more refined version from Nobile 1942 and named "Anonimo Veneziano". Both scents are available at, but only the latter fits your price range. (you can order samples of both scents)
    Another option could be, to track down a bottle of the Fendi Donna Perfume on ebay, that would also be a nice gift imo.

    Good luck

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    Default Re: Fendi for Women - Similar?

    Is the Fendi donna the one with notes of musk, rose and sandalwood and in a bottle like this ?

    I would track down the original, but I presume it allready has connotations with other memories for her, abd we want to give her something new and completely different I'll look into both of those, perhaps even order samples, thank-you very much

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    Default Re: Fendi for Women - Similar?

    Hi again,

    yes, that is the one I meant. SORRY, I misunderstood you, I thought, you were looking for something similar .... good luck !


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    Default Re: Fendi for Women - Similar?

    Lol, I am, sorry, just very tired, thanks for being so great Safran, i'll be placing an order for the Anonimo Veneziano Thanks once again for the recommendation !

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