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    I'm thinking about trying this, but I want to know more about it. Obviously it's green, but is it in a way like GIT (sporty/casual), or more upscale/older/crisp type? Please let me know, thanks.

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    I love Green Valley. It took me a while to REALLY love it.

    Green Valley differs from some of the typical Creeds in that it's very clean and seems to have no ambergris/animalic notes. It's a very natural mint note up top. Like a freshly muddled mint mojito. This is compounded by the blackcurrant note. Something that occurs in perfumery is when you combine mint and notes of rum, you get a third note (like a harmony in music) and that note is blackcurrant-- and it's why mojitos have a slight blackcurrant character to them.

    Anyway, along with the mint, you will notice a very prominent violet leaf scent. This is what garners comparisons to scents like Fahrenheit. The violet leaf note can be a real attention getter. Then the scent has a slightly sharp, tangy patchouli/sandalwood base that is really nice. A touch of vanilla and powderiness in there in places.

    I had relegated this to daytime/casual wear-- until the other night I wore 3 full sprays and took it to a nightclub. I was a bit stunned to at how well it performed and at all the positive vibes I was getting from women. I even overheard two girls talking about how great my cologne was. Green Valley smells very natural, composed, expensive, and crisp. Yes, it's super "green", of course this means different things to different people. There's no vetiver in this, that I can detect.

    You've got to try Green Valley-- it's a vastly underrated Creed.

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    I love the Provincial Mint (mint picked on the countryside). However, the vanilla musk always got cloying in the drydown and induced headache.

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    Wonderful scent. NOT LIKE GIT, in my opinion (which I don't like) but more like Selection Verte also by Creed. Kind of like a dressed up version of Gap by Grass (the discontinued one) with more longevity and complexity.
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    I've owned it a few times and could not warm up to it.

    Reminds me of Paul Smith original (green bottle/juice)

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    I just sold my remaining GV by creed. I think it's a better scent than my getting rid of it might indicate -- It's just dominated by the sweeter notes on my skin. On me, it's a much 'warmer' scent than I anticipated, given the notes. Definite similarities to GIT, to my nose. On my skin, though, the blackcurrant ran amok and overrode everything else.

    I do find some -slight- similarities to Fahrenheit.

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    I'd go with Selection Verte or Original Vetiver (sporty/casual), or Vetiver 48' (upscale/older/crisp), rather than Green Valley, which I think has a pronounced bugspray note.
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    GV reminds me of GIT (both have violet and sandalwood) and SMW (both have blackcurrant and musk). I prefer either to GV, not that it is bad by any means.
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    I have found that utilizing mint in a fragrance can give off a "bugspray" accord. The mint in Green Valley is used to offset the floral notes in order to make a feminine scent more masculine.

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    The violet is quite powerful and the mint mild, like a high sugar spearmint, not really sharp or fresh to me. I find the floral aspect to be significant and the dry down to be musky and sweet. It doesn't fit with my concept of my masculinity; I find it feminine but don't read too much into that, I wear Fleur de The Rose bulgare and L'Heure bleue happily.

    I am not a great lover of GIT either (though I will wear it sometimes) , or SMW and this shares aspects of both. Of the three I think GIT is by far the strongest composition and GV the weakest.
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