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    Default Boss Pure/Chrome Legend/Davidoff Adventure

    Just a few new scents I've recently smelled are the new Boss Pure,Chrome Legend and Davdoff Adventure.
    Boss launched their new Pure.Blue and summerry;VERY longlasting.First impression is good,much more powerfull as DG ligtblue and some more of this type of stuff.I am still trying the Legend and the Adventure.
    The Chrome Legend smells exact like Body Kouros,at least for me.Well, besides sniffing those three, I bought a small bottle Zino Davidoff;and I think thats a real good one.I am not so sure about the Adventure..

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    Default Re: Boss Pure/Chrome Legend/Davidoff Adventure

    I only briefly smelled Adventure and Chrome Legend. Adventure is my favorite of the two. First thought on my mind was that it was a "mysterious" scent. It really *did* remind me of the ad. And I couldn't smell a similarity between Chrome Legend and Body Kouros. With me and Body Kouros it was instant love, but for the Azzaro, I was not very impressed.
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    Default Re: Boss Pure/Chrome Legend/Davidoff Adventure

    I am interested in hearing more about Davidoff Adventure. Davidoff did not produce anything special for a long while and I think they need to finally come p with something interesting to boost their profits and draw people's attention.
    I thought that Chrome was so successful that Legend is just a way to make more money, so I don't expect much, though a copy of Body Kouros which is hard to find these days would not be that bad. At least not a copy of Lacoste.

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    Default Re: Boss Pure/Chrome Legend/Davidoff Adventure

    My take:
    Adventure: Rather contemporary Lemony-green-fruity-fresh fragrance - I was _somewhat_ reminded of Unforgivable. Failed to impress, but is not that bad.
    Chrome Legend: Chrome with a dark green twist. Had a dirty quality to it, but is nowhere near the candy cottony Body Kouros. Won't get it, though.
    Pure: Not long lasting, and not very inspired. Fruit punch top notes give way to a familiar aquatic freshness. Not for me.
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    Default Re: Boss Pure/Chrome Legend/Davidoff Adventure

    Im interested in Adventure, what about longevity ??

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    Default Re: Boss Pure/Chrome Legend/Davidoff Adventure

    I tried Chrome Legend a few weeks ago and thought "Ho Hum". I tried it again today, and it's growing on me quite a bit.

    Interesting your comparison to Body Kouros. In no way is it exactly the same but now that you've mentioned it, I agree that an element of it is indeed somewhat reminiscent of the effect of Body Kouros.

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    Default Re: Boss Pure/Chrome Legend/Davidoff Adventure

    Quote Originally Posted by omniray View Post
    Im interested in Adventure, what about longevity ??
    I'm wearing it today. Light application to chest and neck 2 hours ago.
    It is projecting quite nicely given that this is only a few sprays from the sample, and I predict it is going to last. I will report back to you in a few hours if I can still detect it.

    Davidoff Adventure is very fruity. My first impression of the scent was wrong. I now think it is safe and not very original, which, in my opinion, does not make it bottle-worthy. It is just "nice," and I will probably wear it again at days when I'm staying home like today (not very Adventurous). You need to sample it yourself.
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    Default Re: Boss Pure/Chrome Legend/Davidoff Adventure

    thanx for the advance.. i like the ad and concept .. its a shame that all the new releases are not growing more than " nice".. just nice...

    nothing impressive in this days.. the same with the new MONT blanc- nothing more than a light / nice spicy fruity base...

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