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    Default Neil Morris Clear

    I just got a few sample directly from Neil Morris. I am have not posted much but felt compelled to share my impressions on his Clear fragrance. I read the description and thought it would make a good refreshing scent for me. I like balsam and mint and certainly cedar and musk, all of which were in the description. I guess where I ran aground is with the blossom aspect with the grapefruit and linden blossoms. I was not expecting the floral portion of this fragrance to be so prominent. I guess I should have done more research on linden blossom.

    On me, it starts with a blast of white flower. Since I am not a world traveled nose who has a well traveled history of flower scents in my memory banks I could only think of Gardenia. I have smelled Gardenias before and this scent reminds me of that. Fairly potent at that with a slight cool rather than warm sweet white flower scent that dominated an other aspects of the scent. Perhaps that is the mint and balsam toning it down and differentiating it from a heavy warmish cloying flower. The dry down did not seem to change the prominent note of flowers.

    Does anyone else feel the same way or is my nose just too elemental?

    It seems like a nicely crafted scent and is pleasant enough but I could certainly not wear it, much too feminine for my tastes. I think it would be a great spring scent for a woman.

    I hope to be able to post some more impressions on a few others with a more masculine sounding combination of scents like quest, storm, and zephyr.

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    Default Re: Neil Morris Clear

    Clear was one of the first NM fragrances I sampled - honestly, I can't remember what it smelled like. From the comments on the womens boards, I'm getting: mint, fresh laundered shirt, apple and soft musky drydown.

    When we had 'Neil Morris Day' on the womens board Neil (who is Whiffman here on Basenotes) posted a little behind-the-scenes on Clear, which I copied below:

    '...CLEAR is based on a memory of a bike ride I took back in the early 80's with my dear friend Jim, who now lives in San Francisco. We chose a GORGEOUS morning in September and headed out from Boston towards Concord and Lincoln. Beautiful, beautiful countryside, winding roads, rock walls lining them, trees with leaves just beginning to turn, a light, refreshing breezy day. A 10! Or maybe an 11! Around noon we decided to have lunch, which we had packed, and looked for a spot to relax. We stopped at the most lovely open field you could imagine, tall grass, flowers and linden trees everywhere around us. We ate our lunch and chatted as old friends do. I was laying on the grass, hands behind my head looking up to big, puffy white clouds and the bluest of blue skies, the scent of Linden and Mint riding on the breeze. Grapefruit slices for dessert. A perfect, CLEAR day!

    The memory of this day has stayed in my heart all these years and I'm brought back to it every time I wear CLEAR!



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    Default Re: Neil Morris Clear

    I placed an order for samples from Neil as well recently. I might add that the samples were HUGE and could last for weeks (OK, maybe days with the way I apply fragrances). My problem is with the scents themselves. I sampled Gotham, Summer of Love, Dark Earth, Burnt Amber, and Flowers for Men: Gardenia. I can honestly say that they sound good on paper but I don't get the hype. I have read glowing reviews of some of these, especially Burnt Amber. On my skin, they were vague, and bland. There was a heavy use of patchouli in these that wasn't the aged smooth type but the acrid type I recall from visiting lesbian bars in my youth. The scents, as a whole, were like a radio not quite receiving a clear signal but emanating a buzzing noise. Where are the top notes and middle notes? Why do these seem like muddled concoctions that have almost no sillage or direction? Last night, I spayed 5 cards and waited for the alcohol to evaporate before sniffing. I realized that they were all just OK...nothing grabbed me. This morning, they all smell pretty much the same.

    I am sure I will hear from friends that totally disagree with me but so far, these didn't do anything for me...and I am not that picky! Sillage was low, staying very close to the skin which is good with patchouli scents. The Dark Earth scent would make a good Demeter frag as it smells just like dirt! I am hoping to try some more samples soon and who knows, I might find one I like...

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