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    Default Help me choose two

    I'm looking to purchase two out of these four fragrances I'm just not sure which ones to pick. They are all sweet orientals but I feel like I don't need all four. Which ones should I choose? (I already use Xeryus Rouge, 360 white, and Laguna as my sweet scents if that matters).

    Out of these:

    Lomani Ignition
    Roma Uomo
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    Default Re: Help me choose two

    Have you sampled them all? If not I would suggest to - they are not all "safe" blind buys...

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Help me choose two

    Id say choose "Sculpture" and "Minotaure" as they are very different in style and nature.
    By varying it in this manner you will have a far more versatile wardrobe (than, for example if you chose Minotaure/Pi/Roma which are all very similar).

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    Default Re: Help me choose two

    I also recommend Sculpture and Minotaure.
    Otherwise, Pi and Minotaure.
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    Default Re: Help me choose two

    I have both Pi and Lomani Ignition. They're both similar vanilla scents.
    The Ignition, in particular, is divinely delicious. I'm surprised that it was so cheap. I smell like a marshmallow after a while (in a good way, so the gf tells me).

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    Default Re: Help me choose two

    I wouldn't buy any of them blind. Try to find samples. If not, go with the advice of Dimitri.

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    Default Re: Help me choose two

    Roma Uomo should DEFINITELY be one of them! I favor it over Minotaure, with which it would be duplicitous. I'm not familiar enough with your other options to be any more helpful.

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    Default Re: Help me choose two

    I can only advise you on minotaure but I suggest get it

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    Default Re: Help me choose two

    Rochas Man, Pi, Ignition, Roma these are vanilla Kings.

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    Default Re: Help me choose two

    I would avoid Pi like the plague personally, no man should smell like an overly sweetened ice-cream.

    If you want to smell sweet, wear something like Dior Homme, which women get moist when they smell it...

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    Default Re: Help me choose two

    Lomani Ignition
    Roma Uomo
    i like the way they sound so im going to go with those 2 but ive never heard of these before

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    Default Re: Help me choose two

    Definitely Minotaure... Not really a big fan of the others. I would second the Rochas Man suggestion... As always, sample first if possible...

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    Default Re: Help me choose two

    If you love vanilla, you have to go with Pi

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    Default Re: Help me choose two

    From your list I choose Pi, but I recommend you test Rochas Man before you make a purchase.

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