Hi! I'm new to this, but this forum is the reason I ordered the newly remade Oh! de London by Tuvache'. Fortunately I got a small bottle of it, because to me it doesn't smell the same as the old one. I remember when I was young and foolish..ahh...those were the days!...wearing this and it was so flowery and sweet that my cousin told me I smelled like a funeral parlor! This smells really good, but it has a more woodsy (sandalwood, I guess) smell than I remember. Has anyone else tried it? What would be a perfume to mix with it to make it more flowery? I'm not unhappy that I bought it, but long for the old stuff. It still might have changed. I wore Chloe' for years but in the past few it seems like it just doesn't smell the same.
Anyway, I got this and I do like it, but it does smell more like sandalwood than flowers. Have a great day everyone!