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Thread: XP Antivirus

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    Default XP Antivirus

    A few days ago, a member notified me that they were receiving a virus warning advert from the website. The advert was a pop-up.

    It seemed odd to me, as I don't like pop up advertising, and do not allow it on the site. I replied to him with some possible explanations. I also thought it may relate to a rogue advertiser on the site. When I went to have a look, I received the pop-up too.

    As a result, I removed all adverts from the newest provider I had signed up with, as they seemed they would be the most likely source. As after removal I no longer received the popup, I thought that it had solved the problem.

    Yesterday, this thread was posted in which other members had seen the same thing.

    When I checked my email, Trebor had emailed me about the thread. My initial reaction was to remove all advertising until the suspect was found. I then thought to take down the whole site, in case the server had been compromised.

    Having research some of the links in the above thread, it seems it has been caused by an advertiser. I have no idea which one. We have two advertising networks on BN at the moment. Adtoll and Google. I think it is unlikely that it is Google supplying an ad like this, but do not want to take any chances and have removed all advertising on the website.

    If anyone receives a pop up now, it means that it is coming from a different source. Please inform me immediately on if this happens again.

    *** If you received the pop up and think you may have downloaded this software, there are links to sites that can show you how to remove it in this thread here:

    My apologies for the stress and concern this may have caused. It is as much a shock to me as to you.

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    Default Re: XP Antivirus

    I ran a Google search, and I found that the culprit was Adtoll.

    Google does not, and has never distributed pop-up ads (but Adtoll does occasionally distribute popup ads). In addition, some of the Adtoll banner ads I saw on Basenotes prior to the spyware fiasco were for some rather rogue websites. So you can display Google ads with confidence... but you should stay away from Adtoll with a ten-meter poll.

    P.S.: I use a Mac, and I was not on Basenotes during the spyware timeframe, so I was not affected.
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    Default Re: XP Antivirus

    MFfan310, we are lucky people, aren't we ! I'm also on a Mac, and i've got a pop up blocker and anti-virus, so I really hope I wasn't affected (effected?!)!

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    Default Re: XP Antivirus

    Has anyone tried products from this site:

    I use it and it works great.

    I realize this is after the fact.
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    Default Re: XP Antivirus

    Thank you for your quick response and help, Grant. Glad to see the site back up. I was having withdrawal symptoms.

    I'd second MFfan's opinion that the Google ads are safe. Most of the fora I visit use Google ads and that (or any other problem) has never cropped up on those sites.

    I'm sorry the site and you are going through such growing pains. Hopefully, the worst is over.

    I never had the problem using Firefox on Windows or on Linux. The problem only appeared on my WinXP machine using IE 6.

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    Default Re: XP Antivirus

    I use the free top rated by PC Magazine Avira AntiVir Classic Edition linked to and safely from PC Magazine's own page:

    Regularly scheduled (daily) updates free and if wanted, reasonable priced upgrades that protect firewalls etc. I have used the free Classic AntiVir version for years now and have never had a virus problem, including the recent one from the BN advertisements. The price is right, folks!
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    Default Re: XP Antivirus

    Maybe we could all donate a dollar a month to help with costs of not having ads?

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    Default Re: XP Antivirus

    It appears the culprit was adtoll. I sent them an email explaining that I wouldnt be showing any ads until I found out where is came from. I asked if the 3 advertisers that had paid for ads, could be refunded
    Adtoll replied back and said -

    We had an issue reported yesterday of one of our 468x60 advertisers doing this which has now been removed so you probably don't have to worry about this as it has been resolved.
    Which doesn't fill me with confidence. So I won't be using Adtoll any longer.

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