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    Default March 2008: Your purchase experience

    In addition to the monthly fragrance purchase thread, I thought we could have a complementary purchase experience to descibe our experience whether good or bad. At this time, I would Iike to share minr with you.

    My latest purchase was Bleeker Street, the large bottle. I ordered and tracker it. It was scheduled to arrive on 3.21.08. The FED EX driver claimed he couldn't locate me so it arrived on 3.22.08 was enfurriated me to no end. When it did arrive, the Bond box was at the bottom of the package with no buffer paper beneath to absorb shock. I opened the box. Not only was the cardboard of the interior torn and damaged, the spray mechanism was already primed which indicated it was either used or a tester.

    After notifing the store and demanding credit for the merchandise and my shipping fee, I set out to place the order from the same store but a different location. When the lady in fragrances answered, I spefically asked for the Bond conter. She hesitated, then proceeded to tell me I had indeed reached the Bond counter. When I ask if they had the large BS in stock, she yelled over to the "real" Bond counter to ask the "real" Bond rep if it was in stock. I then hung up on her. It was obvious she did not know what she was talking about and only want to steel the Bond lady's commission.

    So, I tried another location and I do hope the package arrives safely and that I have a better experience. I must say that my sanity and patience has been put to the test. Tell us your experiences this month whether good or bad so we can know what is happening out in the world!

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    Default Re: March 2008: Your purchase experience

    I tried to order some Route du Vetiver MPG from - It showed in stock when I ordered... but I received, after 5 days from the moment of purchase, a note saying that it was out of stock (and by the way, it was now gone from their web pages). It took another 5 days before crediting my credit card back. I don't understand how it could take so long...

    However, as a positive note, I ordered a small bottle of Aigner PH from Perfume Bay (now Beautyencounter) and they shipped it promptly and safely, and I received consistent emails telling me the status of my order.
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    Default Re: March 2008: Your purchase experience

    It looks like I stocked up on some classics and (very) low-budge gems:

    Quorum - This was my second bottle and I just really took to it. I never thought I'd wear it before, but it seems to be the official scent of my in-laws (there's about three of them who wear it) and just smells awesome. I think this one will stay in my wardrobe for some time to come. Smokey and leathery, yet fresh. Very masculine.

    Van Cleef & Arpels pour homme - I had bought it blind about a year ago and totally hated it, although it was always in the back of my mind that the bottle might be bad. I thought of repurchasing this one after reading a pretty awesome quote from pluran regarding it. It sold me. I spotted it at a boutique and went for it. Home run. The only way I could describe the first spray was like this: as beautiful and striking as a perfectly executed knuckle sandwich delivered by a well dressed mobster. Knockout. Stars circled, carnation, leather, musk, etc., etc.

    Cuba Gold - A $12 improvement on JPG Le Male. Honestly, it might just be my favorite scent right now.

    Monsieur Musk - I can't explain this one. Maybe I've hit the bottom. Maybe I'm easy to please. Maybe I want to smell like I'm 50+. It just works and pulls in the compliments. Simple as that.

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