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    Default Do you remember Venezia Uomo?

    In the 90´s there was Venezia Uomo by Laura Biagiotti. It was love at first "smelling". But it was a pity that it was discontinued. It has been the only frag that I promised myself to be faithful. I really liked it a lot, not so complex, wearable for anytime, and I felt it with distinctive and elegant flower accents, really new to me on those days.

    I have not seen any comments or reviews about Venezia Uomo at any webpages. Well, indeed because it´s out of market, but it would be nice to know if someone remember it and if someone would suggest something similar.


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    Default Re: Do you remember Venezia Uomo?

    I've still got about a quarter of a bottle left of Venezia Uomo. I hardly ever wear it, because when it's gone, it's gone for ever.

    Fortunately, I still have some small bottles of Biagiotti Uomo which I splurge on occasionally.

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    Default Re: Do you remember Venezia Uomo?

    I ended up buying this one because some reviews compared it to the fragrance once I thought it was the best ever created:L'Uomo Trussardi (Not Trussardi Uomo).
    I payed not much money for a half full tester but I did not liked it,neither I found it similar to L'Uomo.Not a succesful blind buy then...
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    Default Re: Do you remember Venezia Uomo?

    I recently obtained a small miniature of this, along with one of the women's version for my wife. Both are warm, spicy, cozy scents that are distinctly Italian, without too heavy an herbal component. We both like them very much, and if a reasonable opportunity to acquire full bottles comes along...

    P.S. Disco...I have a nearly full bottle of L'Uomo Trussardi, and agree that it is not very similar to Venezia Uomo.
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    Default Re: Do you remember Venezia Uomo?

    Yeah, I had that scent 7 or 8 years ago. I really don't think it is similar to Trussardi Uomo.
    I heard that the reason of its discuntinuation was some problematic/unhealty ingredient but I guess it is just a rumor.
    However it contains (don't kill me if I'm wrong) the notes of lavander, bergamot, jasmin, cadarwood, sandalwood... So maybe you should try some scents with these notes (Allure pour Homme, Gucci pour Homme, D&G pour Homme, Zino Davidoff, Xeryus, Cacharel pour Homme...).
    I think that wicozani gave to you one really good indicator - that scent has an Italian character.
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