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    Default Did something happen to Elizabeth Arden

    I just hopped on Perfume Empire
    and noticed that all the Elizabeth Arden perfumes and all the perfumes managed by Elizabeth arden (Notably Britney Spears / Hilary Duff and Mariah Carey) have all dropped in prices..
    Did something happen to this company or was it always like this?
    Because Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden now costs like $12.95 AUD and it's so cheap..
    Is there a specific reason for this?!!?
    Does anyone know what is going on ?!

    EDIT :
    Btw does anyone know where to get
    "- Victoria Secret - Very Sexy For Him "
    in Sydney, Australia..
    Please no online stores thanks.
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    Default Re: Did something happen to Elizabeth Arden

    Their stock went up today (only 1.8% though) so I don't think they're in trouble. Perhaps that retailer has a good deal with them?
    I did see Green Tea over here in TK Maxx at £12, so maybe they over produced for initial demand. Britney's perfumes seem to be constantly on offer too. Perhaps they set initial prices with the assumption that they'll reduce, and price promote (I know that this happens in other areas of retail, but whether it does in perfume too I don't know).
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