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    Default Sexual - Michael Germain

    I wore this one today after getting it cheap some time back.

    It strikes me as a somewhat souped up and slightly orientalised version of CK Eternity - which is okay as I'm one of the few fans of Eternity left here. And it has decent staying power.

    It apparently came out in 1997, but was given a big launch down here only about two years ago.

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    Default Re: Sexual - Michael Germain

    I use it from time to time, I've never tried CK Eternity, but it's oriental and slighty floral to me. The longevity is great for me as well, 6 -10 hours.
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    Default Re: Sexual - Michael Germain

    Renato, your reaction to Sexual is similar to mine. I sampled it at my local fragrance shop a while ago and thought it was nice. I'll probably own it one day.

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