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    Default Tahitian vanilla

    I read a fascinating article on the difference between plain ol' vanilla (usually from Madagascar / Bourbon varety) and vanilla from Tahiti. It has an altogether different taste profile, density, sweetness (more caramel oriented) and aroma. Supposedly it's more 'floral' and 'fruity' - which makes it sound like the perfect note for fragrances.

    Doing a quick search on the threads, I found a few fragances with Tahitian Vanilla:

    - A few Dawn Spencer Hurwitz scents, namely Cimabue that Vibert has been championing for a while now
    - Serendipidous by Serendipidy (Luckyscent stocks this and the description sounds like a dessert menu for an artisanal dessert...'as tempting as a Grand Marnier truffle, as decadent as hot fudge by the spoonful. So gloriously authentic that you can almost hear the Oompa Loompas singing...')

    I'm interested in hearing anyones comments on this particularly 'new' vanilla note that we've never discussed.
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