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    Default That time again! Tuscany trip! 17 Days!

    Yes, I'm off to Tuscany again and would like to know from our Italian and well-travelled basenoters about any
    sources, ie stores, etc, for purchasing fragrances, niche or otherwise, in Toscana.

    Also, have any of you tried Mila Schon? She is an Italian designer that has put out a few men's edts which are supposed to be fairly nice.

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    Default Re: That time again! Tuscany trip! 17 Days!

    You could check out Santa Maria Novella headquarters (in Florence I believe). I was in Florence once but it was before I knew SMN existed. SMN has a long and interesting history apparently.

    Make sure you check out those Etro, Lorenzo Villoresi & Carlo Corinto fragrances. (There's a thread going on Etro's Lemon Sorbet and I think I saw one on SMN recently.)
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