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    Default Re: Perfume the Guide: Top ten Mens and Womens fragrances [preview]

    Beyond Paradise: For another week to come I will not know what the book says about it, but whoever is familiar with blogtextweb.pdf (Flexitral website) may remember an article originally published in NZZ Folio / 2005: The Perfect Floral. It holds the answers to some of the questions raised recently. The perfumer who did BP (both of them) also did Tommy Girl. "Her name: Calice Becker".
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    Default Re: Perfume the Guide: Top ten Mens and Womens fragrances [preview]

    Quote Originally Posted by Brielle87 View Post
    I am in utter amazement with the level of militant protectiveness with which some people are standing by the houses they love, and also the unnatural viciousness being shown towards M. Turin.
    All fragrance, food, clothing, home style, furnishings, etc is reflective of ones taste, it is subjective. M. Turin looks at the fragrances he reviews in a subjective, and a reflective, and a scientific way; let him do what he does.
    As for all of you who keep defending all of these houses; it is great you enjoy what you enjoy, but things have changed with all of the houses.
    I have worn Caron parfums since the mid-70's as a child, and I can tell you they are completely different now than they were then. I have many, many vintage bottles; as a matter of fact most of my scents are vintage, and even a monkey could smell the cheapening of them.
    A bottle of (take your pick); Tabac Blonde, Femme, Cabochard, L'air du temps, Mitsouko, Joy, Le Dix, Jolie Madame, Caleche, Infini, Fleurs de Rocaille (definitely) and all of the urn scents by Caron, are not the same as they were ten years ago; nor are they the same as 30+, even 50+ years ago. There is a definite mainstreaming/cheapening of scents happening, and the companies have all the loyal little consumers to thank for that occurring.
    I look at my collection of 300+ bottles of fragrance as finite, because I love the old scents too much to buy a cheap imitation being marketed as the same thing. So in many ways I can understand how many of the scents received poor ratings.
    At the same time some of the ones that received high ratings I do not find the same qualities, but I have no need to become belligerent over it.
    I will say that it is sad that so many people are getting ready to do battle over some of these reviews, when if they knew the original versions of many of the scents they would understand. All I have to say is Nuit de Noel, my vintage bottle is perfection.
    As with all things 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder', more so with scent.
    As far as the house of Creed goes; I love the scents I have by them, almost all others I feel smell like antiseptic, but that is my opinion, and that is life. Green Irish Tweed is repugnant in my opinion...but, I have smelt it on certain men, and it was absolutely lovely on them; I may dislike it, but it will blossom with a certain persons skin/chemistry.
    So please everyone, try to be a little more courteous, and less confrontational with M. Turin, and anyone else who has a differing opinion. And let's not try to be so high and mighty; some people making allusions as to how much better they could critique than M. Turin. It just comes across as arrogant, and pretentious. Try to have more manners, and respect.
    And if someone is not planning on purchasing the book, that is great; no need to make a presentation about it though.

    I agree! I am surprised to see so much defensiveness in different threads covering Perfume: The Guide. Use it to inform your views and possibly refine your impressions, but there is no reason to feel insecure or threatened by a rating that is not consistent with your experience.
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