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    Default A Feminine Twist

    Is it just an impression, or are most Guerlain's male fragrances slightly feminine? It seems to me that these perfumes are a bit powdery, a bit sweet, or a bit floral in a feminine way. I'm not saying that they are feminine perfumes marketed as masculine.......But I do think they have a feminine twist.

    Do you agree?

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    Default Re: A Feminine Twist

    Many Guerlain marketed as feminine are rather masculine ...or totally wearable by a man (i enjoy so much wearing Jicky, l'Heure bleue or Vol de Nuit for example)

    but i'm not sure that the fragrances marketed as masculine could be as easily worn by a woman
    Vetiver is certainly not feminine (maybe the old formula was more powdery and mellow and thus suitable for a woman)
    Habit Rouge is sweet yes but the leather note is IMO very masculine

    maybe one can think that many of their fragrances are androgyne
    but what is important is to wear a fragrance you like and enjoy wearing (and enough confident to wear it even if it's known as a feminine one if you are a man and same in the other way)

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    Default Re: A Feminine Twist

    Lately I have learned that when a fragrance is truly good it rises above gender identity. Why should only half the people be able to enjoy their goodness? THat is what I see happens with Guerlain.
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    Default Re: A Feminine Twist

    I have never had that impression.

    Derby, Heritage, Coriolan and L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme are, imo, unequivocally masculine.

    Guerlain is renowned for their extraordinary use of vanilla - perhaps it is that house-note to which you are referring.
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    Default Re: A Feminine Twist

    From a macho stand point they may be perceived as less than the butch-fest. I can't imagine a "Good ol' Boy" type wearing a Guerlain, but their men's marketed fragrances have all those masculine cliche ingredients in them, don't they? I mean, can you imagine Heritage on a woman?

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    Default Re: A Feminine Twist

    Heritage and Habit Rouge are at the most unisex to me, feminine? Meh.
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    Default Re: A Feminine Twist

    Its the vanilla in the guerlinade base that makes them slightly sweet. They aren't feminine in the floral sense of things.
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    Default Re: A Feminine Twist

    Yes I think it's the vanilla. Habit Rouge to me smells like a woman's perfume. Not that this is good or bad - it's just the impression I get.
    For me, I cant wear the vanilla. I am into the fougeres right now.

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    Default Re: A Feminine Twist

    I have tried to like Guerlain many times but agree they're too feminine for my tastes. That is why I prefer.....
    sssssomething else which c-c-c-can't be mentioned here

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    Default Re: A Feminine Twist

    The only Guerlain I'm familiar with is Habit Rouge, and I thought it was very masculine with no feminine twists to it. Next time I wear it, I will pay more attention to this and try to pick up the feminine side of the scent, but I doubt I'll be able to.

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    Default Re: A Feminine Twist

    Quote Originally Posted by LuciusVorenus View Post
    .....But I do think they have a feminine twist.
    Do you agree?
    Some certainly do have that twist in the year 2008.

    But to me the following four are masculine, if slightly on the formal side:

    - Derby
    - L'Instant (I enjoy it's lightness as the days get warmer)
    - Coriolan and Vetiver. Both are alright, there are better Vetivers though.

    I must pass on Habit Rouge, too effeminate outside the Orient. The EDP is much better behaved, though
    Sorry Mostapha, I love original oriental fragrances, but have a problem with most French orientals.
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    Default Re: A Feminine Twist

    Quote Originally Posted by narcus View Post
    I love original oriental fragrances, but have a problem with most French orientals.
    mmm... I thought you liked Fumerie Turque
    Jokes aside. I think the only guerlain that can have a common ground with the feminine side is HR, which some consider the masculine counterpart of Shalimar. The others are to me very classic masculines (btw wearing coriolan today and it's absolutely a masculine chypre!)

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    Default Re: A Feminine Twist

    Girlain !?!?!?!

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    Default Re: A Feminine Twist

    Quote Originally Posted by Waldemar View Post
    Girlain !?!?!?!
    Nope, GIrl-lane

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    Default Re: A Feminine Twist

    I think they do have a “feminine twist”. That doesn’t make me any less of a man for wearing them, it makes me a more complete and balanced person.

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    Default Re: A Feminine Twist

    I was underwhelmed by most of Guerlain's masculines, they give me headaches. Spirtueuse Double Vanille though is amazing, yet also quite feminine, but I love unisex frags.
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    Default Re: A Feminine Twist

    In that era that perfumes like DIOR HOMME and FLEUR DU MALE are marketed as male scents Why a man cant wear SHALIMAR which is in todays perception real unisex?

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