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    Default Facial dark spots


    How are you? I would value your opinion on which is the best treatment to facial dark spots including melasma. I have heard about cosmelan. It is said that it is the best treatment so far.

    I would really appreciate it if you let me know your opinions and ideas on the matter. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you all.

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    From what I have read (and have discussed with professionals and laypersons alike), the Fraxel laser offers the best solution to the melasma problem. Fraxel treatments aren't cheap, but are VERY effective.
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    I second Tvlampboy. Laser is the best and it is not so expensive if you mind how much creams cost.

    I'm under laser trearment against broken capillaries and redness on face and it works!


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    Default Re: Facial dark spots

    A co-worker of mine underwent Fraxel laser treatments for her melasma. She had very good results (about 85% improvement), but was told the melasma will recur if she exposes her skin to sun (which apparently is the case for any type of treatment).
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