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    Default What are your impressions of Kouros

    Hello Ladies,

    I was wondering if you would be so kind as to give me your impressions of Kouros original by YSL on a man. Do you like the way it smells or do you find it smells foul. I know that everyone is different in what appeals to them, but i am trying just to get somewhat of a consensus of what ladies feel about this one generally.

    Thanks very much,
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    Default Re: What are your impressions of Kouros

    I happen to love it (as well as much of what is in your wardrobe!). DH won't wear it. He think it makes him smell like urine. He prefers MKK, Kiehls, Black, Egoiste, and Smut, which I think are along the same lines, but do not have that power-hungry vibe that I think Kouros has (Egoiste is a close second). The others are animalitic and very sexy, but Kouros seems so self confident, well dressed, educated, but bad to the a mafia man, or something!
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    Default Re: What are your impressions of Kouros

    Love love love it. It reminds me of when I was a girl and all the cool trendy boys wore it. (All the cool trendy girls wore Rive Gauche or Anais Anais.) Wish I could get my hubby to wear it.

    I believe the general concensus of opinion here is that it's powerful stuff and until you've got used to it should be applied lightly unless you're going nightclubbing/barhopping somewhere smoky.
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    Default Re: What are your impressions of Kouros

    i bought this for my ex-boyfriend because i loved how it smelled when i tested it on a card. but i didn't like it on him, i thought it was too harsh and stuffy. I imagine it would be nice for an older man, an executive in a suit maybe but not for a young guy.

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    Default Re: What are your impressions of Kouros

    This one completely depends on chemistry. On my husband, it was "pure erotica" thus absolutely unsuitable to daily business and other regular contacts.

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    Default Re: What are your impressions of Kouros

    A VP I worked for wore this in excessive amounts. He had an enormous office (at least 20 x 30) and the scent filled the room. To me it smelled exactly like horse manure - a scent I'm very familiar with having had horses as a girl and mucked out stables.

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