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    Default Bond Central Park: My thoughts

    My bleeker street arrived so I am happy about that. However, no one seems to have a sample of CP. I tested it years ago and my sentiments are based on that. During the initial to 3/4 through it, I get a lime. The type of lime I get is not necessarily modern. It reminds me of the lime in the original Armani PH. Know what I'm talking about? during the last 1/4 of the phase is when the cashmere musk starts working through like a fog appearing through the trees. This one was obvious for me to place. The cashmere musk in the drydown is near identical to Donna Karen Cashmere Musk. All in all, a mental picture of Armani PH and DK Cashmere Musk will yield an idean of what central park is. Anyone agree, disagree?

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    Default Re: Bond Central Park: My thoughts

    I really love Central Park... a bright, sparkling green scent to me. The touches of basil in it really round it out and make it incredible. I've never tried to two you referenced, but I can see the lime burst you mention. I love that it stays sharp and sparkly throughout. I'm actually doused in it right now about to go out for the night
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