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    I made it know that I love Armani Attitude. The shower gel is no exception although I would like to warn that this is perhaps the first experience I've had in fragrance where the matching shower gel takes on a new aroma. Instead of the ambery, spicy goodness that I get from the edt, the shower gel oddly enough reminds me of a BETTER jpg le male. It almost smells like wormwood and a touch of vanilla. I barely detect a snippet of the firey spice. The aroma is sooo good. It is more subdued than the edt and takes the clean feeling to another level. The price is not practical. I paid $28 for 5 fl. oz to have this experience. Although wonderful, I don't know if it is practical. The cap is a twist off which makes it a little difficult to manage in the shower.

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    I also noticed that the Shower Gel was different from the scent....Good call.....Gary

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    Gary, I am glad you feel that way. I know you work in the industry and would have experience with it. I also know now that I am not crazy! The first time I used it, I didn't think I was smelling right; could it be? Yep, it does come off as somewhat different.

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