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    Default Shalima-in the heat. QUESTION..

    I recently left my refillable gold canister with a bottle of perfume in it, out in the sun for a day. I love my Shalimar by Guerlain, and I was worried that the heat for a day may hurt the fragrance strenghth or quality. I immediately put it in the fridge for about 3 hours. Now it's back on the shelf in it's normal shady location/ Will this one day incident hurt the perfume? Help...

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    Default Re: Shalima-in the heat. QUESTION..

    I think you just need to try it out. If it smells the same, it's fine! Usually only the top notes get affected. It may be less "sparkley", but I think that deep, vanilla base will come out unscathed.
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    Default Re: Shalima-in the heat. QUESTION..

    Heat degrades perfume. Will this incident degrade your bottle enough for you to notice it? Maybe not. Either way, I'd try not to make a habit of it. Also, it would seem that extreme temperature changes aren't so good for perfumes either. If a perfume is exposed to heavy heat or cold, just let it come back to room temperature normally and then store it away from extremes if possible.
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    Default Re: Shalima-in the heat. QUESTION..

    That depends on the cannister's "storage history". I suspect that one bad storage day won't be noticable to you if it was purchased from a reputable place and stored properly until that incident.

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