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    Default Frederic Malle fragrances?

    I am in no way "just starting out," but I was wondering - other than the Barneys online store - what is another online retailer through which I can purchase Musc Ravageur and the like (for cheap, something like or similar)? Where do you guys get your FM fragrances? I tried eBay with no luck as well.

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    Default Re: Frederic Malle fragrances?

    I think you gotta go Barneys, this is definitely not a house that you can get discounts on...
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    Default Re: Frederic Malle fragrances?

    yea, only discounts you will get is like partly used bottles of other BN members or something, theyre distribution is similar to rolex, no discounts anywhere

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    Default Re: Frederic Malle fragrances?

    I agree. Barney's is your only choice on this. No discounts - they don't need to do that to sell them.

    I have bottles of both Lys Med and Bigarrade Concentree and love them both. I have a decant coming on Anjelique Sous la Pluie. But the other than those, I really don't like any other FM's. They are highly individual so be sure to try before you buy!

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