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Thread: Jovan Grass Oil

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    Smile Jovan Grass Oil

    I used to wear this way back in the day. It was in my opinion a great fragrance. I think it is almost extinct now. Does anyone know of any substitute or something similar. I definatly don't mean something like Yerbamate. I guess I don't mean Hay or anything like that. Those of you who used to wear it know what I mean.

    Thanks in advance

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    Would Demeter's "Grass" fit the bill? I have not smelled either, though, so this would just be a thought. . .
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    Is Jovan Ginseng NRG somewhat similar to it?

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    I remember this one as I used to have several of their scents but never got into GO. I would say green but a little musky, more barber-shop-y, if that makes sense. I don't think "grass" here means regular grass but it may have been hemp. I know this is the second time I see this thread and I wish I could help more. The packaging was from the same series as their Musk and Sex Appeal (I have and still love it, I think it's one of the best amber/patchoulis you can get).
    I miss Jovan's line up like Oleg Cassini for Jovan, Andron, Sport, etc.
    Also all the "international" titles they had like Germany, Spain, Italy, etc. All of them were great, at once fresh and substantial (think variations of Geir). Always got compliments on them. Jovan was the first that had at least two series wih male/female bottles that would sit next to each other (concave/convex shapes). Something that designers are into now.
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    We met in a flashback, methinks.

    l'Artisan Foud'Absinthe has been reminding me of something from my childhood since I got a sample: It's been reminding me of Jovan Grass Oil. I don't have them side by side for comparison but it certainly evokes memories of JGO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renaissance_Man View Post
    I don't think "grass" here means regular grass but it may have been hemp.
    My thoughts exactly!
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    hey doc ebay still carries it...

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    Hi Rick!
    I too enjoyed Grass Oil waaay back in the 70's. I was lucky enough to acquire a BIG (4 oz) bottle recently and it did bring me back. I think you should give Chanel 19 edp a try. IMO they are very similar. Tell me what you think...


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    Man it would be fun just to wear this for a day...LOL
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    This was my first fragrance when I was a kid! I have no idea now what it smelled like though. Definitely not like Demeter's Grass, though. It wasn't that literal. I was interested to see the suggestion of Fou d'Absinthe since I really enjoy that one as well. It would be interesting to know if others who still have a bit of Grass Oil see any comparison with Fd'A.

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    hi Hector!

    I am dying to try this Grass oil. Is it possible to buy a few millis of this from you or swap?


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