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    Default Etat Libre d'Orange video

    Includes subtitles.

    Now I know how to say: "blood, sweat, semen, saliva" in French (the notes that make up Sécrétions Magnifiques).
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    Default Re: Etat Libre d'Orange video

    Oh Babes - thank you SO much for unearthing this treasure. I could listen to them Parisian accents forever. And as a great fan of Putain and Vraie Blonde and Jasmine and Cigarettes I was so - um - validated - by seeing my girls featured.

    And you have some fierce lady ancestors!!!
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    Default Re: Etat Libre d'Orange video

    Thank you, this was great! I love almost all of the ELd'O's that I have tried, can't wait to go to Paris and try them all!

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    Default Re: Etat Libre d'Orange video

    Thanks Quarry!

    Omigosh apparently ELdO is coming to Australia
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    Default Re: Etat Libre d'Orange video

    Thank you, that was really interesting!


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