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    Smile Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    I was wondering whether you could suggest a couple of quality colognes to be sniffed before shopping the real thing. .. Cause I am damned lost. I've sniffed about 80 scents in the last few weeks and my head is spinning around with names, notes and colours. And I cannot even remember the bulk of those scents - not even the ones I knew before... Weird.

    Anyway, what I am looking for is a clean (meaning not powdery) and light yet agile and alluring fragrance for warm weather evenings. I would prefer something sweeter and warmer in an abstract way... For example Terre D'Hermés, Eau Savage and Kouros is too hard for me.

    Nonetheless it should have something expressive and special attribute. An impressive greeting in my intimate sphere Iwould like. Some exotic fruit, perhaps, citrus... ? I really don't know. But what I think would be great for the evening is a bit of musk or amber among the basenotes.... Just the little thing I would need (aged 27)

    I would be grateful for any morsel of experience from you.... for I am really really lost. I don't even know anything from Gucci (or my head lost their memories sometime ago), so .... I .... need.... *gulp* your help? It would be appretiated.
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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    Have you checked out Prada Amber? It fits your criteria quite well: It smells clean and is light enough to be worn in all kinds of situations. It's got a healthy dose of myrhh along with labdanum and other notes that do give it a bit of an amber base (although it's not the same amber character one would expect, given the frags name). It's sweet too, without ever venturing into cloying territory.
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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    Jazz and Live Jazz from YSL seem to be really popular. Give them a try. Once it warms up a bit here I think I may come to really like Live Jazz. May I also suggest Iceberg Twice pour homme by Iceberg. I'm sampling this at the moment and I must say I really, really like it.
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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    Every one knows by now I'm not a huge Creed fan so you'll be surprised at what I'm suggesting here. Diadal mentioned exotic fruit with musk in the basenotes. One thing immediately came to mind. It's Creeds Virgin Island Water. Exotic fruit and a wonderful musk dry down, perfect for a 27 year old. I got a 5ml sample last week and it's gone. I will be buying a bottle for this summer myself.
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    Under My Skin by Francesca Bianchi
    Ummagumma by Bruno Fazzorlari
    Siberian Musk by Areej le Doré
    Ottoman Empire by Areej le Doré
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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    Why don't you try an oriental, such as Zino? It is very warm and slightly sweet. I do think it is suitable for a warm evening.

    I didn't suggest a citrus because you rejected Eau Sauvage. But maybe Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree would be a good idea. It has some citrus (not much), but it has an oriental heart, very warm and welcoming. It is a superb fragrance for the evening. very classy.

    None of these fragrances is lightweight. But if you want substance, if you want amber, you should allow them to be a bit heavier.
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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    theres a profumo fragrance that is suppose to smell like sugar.. I think its called zucchero or something, maybe this is what you are looking for

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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta
    Creed Original Vetiver
    Gai Mattiolo Uomo
    Narciso Rodriguez

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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    Bulgari pour homme Soir. SLIGHTLY sweet, fruity (touch of citrus), musk, amber, papyrus. Not flowery. Understated--but it lingers. Not flowery. Nice.
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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    hmmmm...i'm 27 .....let me see....from what you describe.

    Carlos Santana for men -- sweet, enveloping yet doesnt overwhelm you or anyone around you.....sweetness is carried with a hint of fruit aroma, making it one sensual, summer offering.

    Un Jardin en Meditarene or Un Jardin Sur De Nil (sample them both and see which one you like more......sur de nil is grapefruit based with a hint of mango so it carries more of a sour note as opposed to light hearted and fig based en Meditarene).

    I think you have a youthful, fun spirit....try Lacoste Red Label - sweet but very fresh scent thats completely innoffensive yet garners alot of attention and incredibly easy to wear......very good summer scent.
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    Talking Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    Dunhill Pursuit. A very underrated scent, and very nice in Spring/Summer.

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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    Creed Green Irish Tweed

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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    I also recommend Virgin Island Water by Creed. It's a little pricey. A more affordable option: Black XS by Paco Rabanne. NOT XS, which you see everywhere. Black XS. It has a very unique strawberry note.

    I am not sure if you will like Prada Amber, because to my nose it's powdery. In addition, if you don't like Terre de Hermes, you might not like acceptfacts recommendations of Un Jardin sur le Nil and Un Jardin Mediteranee because their structure and overall feel owes a lot to Terre de Hermes. Many (not me) seem to think they smell identical. But try them, maybe you will like them. I love both of them.
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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    Rive Gauche Pour Homme is a good one. It's kind of soapy/aromatic and very nice and understated.

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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    I smell a difference between the FIG in Jardin en Mediterranee and the MANGO in Jardin sur le Nil. I do imagine each fruit separately. But the fragrances are quite similar.

    Is it OK to use a fragrance like Les Jardins at night? I always thought that Mango and Fig were for the day only.
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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    Joop! Nightflight. Super duper clean, and great in summer / spring
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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    I would also recommend trying:

    Bulgari Aqua
    Burberry Summer for Men
    Lanvin Oxygene pour Homme
    Marc Jacobs for Men
    Sean John Unforgivable
    Thierry Mugler Cologne
    Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts
    Yves Saint-Laurent Opium pour Homme Eau d'Orient
    Aqua di Parma Colonia or Colonia Intensa or Assoluta
    Azzaro Chrome
    Etro Lemon Sorbet
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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    Acqua di Parma Colonia -- Finest citrus&rose I have ever smelled.
    Creed Millesime Imperial -- There is a reason Sean John ripped off this scent for Unforgiveable.
    John Varvatos (the original one; not Vintage) -- Best gourmand release of the last few years.
    Diptyque Philosykos -- Green figs that will not let you down. Very nice for warm weather, but don't over apply.
    Thierry Mugler Cologne -- Smells like a musky soap. Very nice, but more of a daytime scent, I feel.

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    Cool Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    Wow. That's a very long list!

    I thank you for the suggestions, I owe you ... and not one!

    I will return from fragshops with tells to tale, I hope to report only good news from that trip.

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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    You are my saviors, really. And I am ashamed of the situation here, but here it is:

    I could not yet sniff at all of your recommendations (sadly I suffered a nasty muscle-hernia-like stuff and I could not get out of the house for 3 rotten weeks, can you imagine that??), but slowly I got more concrete ideas what I need - thanks for your suggestions.

    So, before I move on, I have to publicly declare the fact that my taste is weird and ... may be considered mainstream or cheapish. Though I like to entertain myself that it is not, hehh. I confess too that I like and appraise quality and dedication. But still it may end in something even I would consider bad taste. Yet, this is what I need (or think I need):

    from YSL L'Homme (2006)
    - the warm golden glow phenomenon,
    - the feature that you cannot pass by ladies without them noticing you

    from Bvlgari Aqva
    - the Mediterranean Sea at Italy

    from Zegna Z
    - the detailed and complex composition

    a little amber, musk or something magnetic among the basenotes...?

    Well, Aqua di Roma from Laura Biagottia was a bit close, but it had some chemical very similar to what Chanel Egoiste, but in a reasonably lower concentration - something which sadly makes nausea-y

    So... YSL L'Homme á la Mediterrean? Uh?

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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    They have already been mentioned here, but I agree on Acqua di Parma Colonia and YSL Rive Gauche.

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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    How about Kiehl's Original Musk Edt?
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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    If terre d'hermes is too much for you, then try Dlish Clean Man or Jivago 24K

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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    Bulgari PH Soir is very light. It's like the original but with added papyrus note. The papyrus is one of the most light, ethereal woody smells available. Certainly not heavy. It's very light on its feet.
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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    You ask for citrus (although rejected Eau Sauvage). I would recommend:
    Eau de Rochas Pour Homme
    Armani Eau Pour Homme
    YSL Pour Homme (original concentration in this particualr case)
    Roberto Cavalli man (imho underrated on this site)
    I also wholeheartedly recommend Eau Sauvage Extreme. Would also recommned Signoricci but may it not be "clean."

    Other than those fruits, for spring/summer evenings, I recommend:
    Ungaro Pour L'Homme III
    Shiseido Basala
    Azzaro Pour Homme
    A good vetiver like Guerlain or CdG and better yet Guerlain Vetiver Sport. These are not too earthy (not Villoresi in this case).
    Balenciaga Ho Hang (light application)
    Creed Silver Mountain Water or Himalaya
    Pour un Homme de Caron
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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    Try Bond #9's Hamptons.


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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    Okay, perhaps it straddles the "clean" line a bit, but I'd say for a nice warm spring/summer night, the original Baldessarini is hard to beat.

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    Default Re: Clean Evening Fragrance (for spring/summer)

    My next purchase having sampled in Selfridges last week is Acqua di Parma Intensa - it is magnificent, fresh, bright, classy and with a depth which belies its topnotes.

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