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    I received my first bottle of Terre d'hermes 2 weeks ago and then Acqua di Parma Colonia a few days ago. Both are outstanding and I would not have tried these if not for the feedback on these forums. I have been enjoying my fragrances for a few years but have found some of the best yet through Basenotes.



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    Good choices - both are quality frags (which I say despite not being a big fan of TdH myself, though I've got to try it again in warmer weather.)

    Congratulations on expanding your horizons! I too would still be wearing Avon's Mesmerize or perhaps Passion for men were it not for Basenotes.
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    Enjoy the fragances. Basenotes has also exposed me to so many fragrances that would have otherwise been outside my field of vision.

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    I was pretty much wearing Versus and the original D&G since the late 90's only trying something different every now and then. Now i'm hooked on seeing what's out there. Terre d'hermes actually wasn't my favorite when I first wore it but it has grown on me quickly.

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    Acqua di Parma Colonia is so beautiful..... it is a work of art, with supreme balance and a delicious rose note in the middle. You made a very good choice.

    Now try a heavy amber/ambergris perfume such as Bois du Portugal or Ambre Sultan. Or a spicy vanilla such as Chanel PM Concentree or Opium EDP. These are the perfumes for the formal events.

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    Enjoy TdH! It's probably my favorite fragrance (with the possible exception of Angel Men).

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    Congratulations Scott. Those are 2 excellent, versatile choices. You will get a lot of use out of them.

    Let us know if you decide to pick up some other scents.

    Take care,

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    Next up I am hoping to try Black Aoud and Czech & Speake #88 if I can find some samples of these. I tried Bois du Portugal and was really surprised I did not care for it, although I am going to wear it a couple more times this week to be sure.

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    Great choices... i'm still waiting to try these two.. maybe i'll buy samples, currently the risk of confiscation by our customs is pretty high

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