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    Question Gentlemen your oppinions please

    My husband has just aquired 3 bottles of Bvlgari Pour Homme splash 100mls and I love the smell on him it lasts very well and is not in your face you need to be up close to get the full effect . I could quite easly wear it myself as it is is not overly a masculine scent , the other one he has just got is 125ml cool waters , I have always liked this it is a just out of the shower with a citrus hint I would love your opinions on these 2 fragrances please
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    Bvlgari PH is a very nice and easy to wear anytime type fragrance. It is elegant and refined - though it doesn't have great sillage. I think one of the best techniques for this fragrance is to over apply (that is, more than you would another fragrance - say Cool Water) - just a couple extra spritzes to the forearms and the neck would do the trick! It will project more in this way.
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    Bvlgari PH is a brilliant and very versatile fragrance, with a sharp prickly citrus opening and a tea and white musk base. It sits nicely on the skin, and is very inoffensive. Love it.

    Cool Water was groundbreaking on its release and has spawned many copies (although it was inspired by another fragrance Creed Green Irish Tweed). It remains an incredible fragrance, so fresh and easy to like, and if it weren't so popular, it may actually get more respect around here.

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    Were you asking if these two fragrances were suitable for you to wear?

    If so, yes, I think you could easily wear Bulgari pour homme. Like many of the Bulgari fragrances which have dominant tea notes, pour homme definitely could be unisex.

    Cool Water, to me, definitely does not smell unisex. It smells like a man's deodorant or shower gel. I don't think I would enjoy smelling it on a woman. It's a nice fragrance, but it has so many imitators, as well as so many versions of itself, it is not very unique.

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    There were many threads about these scents. But I want to say again, that Bvlgary is wonderful and classy.

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    I don't have enough experience with Cool Water to speak to it, but Bvlgari Pour Homme is one of my favorites for all the reasons others have stated.

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    Both are fine scents. The only drawback with cool water is that so many people wear it that it has no value as a unique scent. If you like it then, by all means, enjoy. After all, he's your hubs, your opinion should be the only one that matters.
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    Bvlgari PH sounds pretty interesting, I have a chance to test to myself next week... the darjeeling tea accord sounds delicious

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