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    Default Need advice on my next purchase.

    I'm considering a few inexpensive frags, but I don't want to get ones that are very similar to what I already have. Here are my concerns/questions:

    I liked Gucci PH2 from a sample, and I'd like to know if Balman by Balmain or Chevignon (Bogart) are similar. If not, I don't want either of these to be like Montana (red box), Witness, or Sung Homme, because I already have those. And, of course, if Balman and Chevignon are similar, I only want to get one of them. I'd like to get at least one dry, spicy, woody frag, so let me know which of those I mention is closest. I've seen some good comments on the cheapo Wild Woods by Coty - how does that fare against Gucci PH2? I have Cuba Red, which is dry and musty, with strong cedar, but I'd like something a bit spicier and with just a touch of sweetness.

    Herbissimo by Dana. Is this similar to Pino Silvestre (which I have). I've found that I get a nice herbal quality from Pino if I spray in the air and walk under it, so I don't want something that is going to be similar.

    Derrick Black. This sounds like it might be similar to Sung Homme. Is it? I know it's supposed to be like Photo Lagerfeld, but I haven't tried that, so that comparison does not help.

    Nicole Miller. This sounds like KL Lagerfeld (which I have). If it's different, how so? It's more expensive, so unless it's great, I'd rather get two of the others.

    The notes for Taxi by Cofinluxe look interesting, so long as the sandalwood isn't too strong. Or is this a cheap (and not long lasting) version of something mentioned above?

    Lastly, how about Krizia PH? One thing I don't want is a strong sandalwood frag - I have Le Roy de Soleil and that is enough for me. And one thing I want to avoid completely is the usual "aftershave" type of smell. I have Lomani and one of those is enough.

    So far, the advice I've gotten at BN has been great (hope I can return the favor).


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    Default Re: Need advice on my next purchase.

    I don't know most of the fragrances you have mentioned very well. What led you to be interested at all in the fragrances about which you are asking? Is it that they are on some kind of sale? After some personal experience I would suggest that you find what you really like and buy those--wait for them to be on sale if you like. Sooner or later that "bargain" will be something that you may not like at all, and then even $.50 was too much to spend.


    Nicole Miller is definitely NOT KL. It is GREAT in my book, and worth a more premium price (especially as it is no longer being made--once these bottles are gone, that's it.) Are you able to sniff any of these before you buy?
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    Default Re: Need advice on my next purchase.

    I've done very well buying from reviews. There have only been a couple that I wouldn't buy if I had it to do over again, and they are not bad, just redundant or a bit too plain. Because of the low internet prices, I consider this the best way to sample, and I can always resell on places like ebay. If I lose a few dollars, who cares?

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