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    Default Cheap finds - Melbourne

    My Chemist at Chadstone sells Guerlain Coriolan 100 ml EdT Splash for $29.95.

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    Default Re: Cheap finds - Melbourne

    WoW! which chemist is that?? that is amazing!!
    Good find!
    Is Kouros cheap there?

    Take care!

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    Default Re: Cheap finds - Melbourne

    I think MyChemist and Chemist Warehouse are the best places to buy designer fragrances. There was some great sales on fathers day and I'm sure it'll be even better around the holidays.
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    Default Re: Cheap finds - Melbourne

    I would actually recommend "duty free" stores in suburbs like Springvale, Clayton and alike. Vintage bonanza for quite low pricing prone to cash bargaining. Probably one of the few places on earth where you can still buy vintage YSLs like M7 or Rive Gauche PH. And yes I've pinched there last ever on earth Le Feu d'Issey 100ml. Makes me wanna scream Wazamba.
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    I think it is good, and it is at very reasonable price. Please tell me which ca-mist it that.

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