GOOD LORD I think my face was set on fire today by Satan and a few hellhounds!!! I've been getting moderate acne so I tried blue light therapy.

I'm filming in something and me now has big bumps across my face while me last month doesn't so I needed immediate results or I'd have to get caked with make - up (a hell no).

I was kinda shocked, the skin clinic told me I'm a "4" in skin tone (a 1 being an albino and 6 an African). I have very light olive skin so a "4" seemed a bit high but anyway. My skin is clear (yay) but I'm redder than a baboon's ass after a spanking with a meat cleaver. The blue light was the mildest treatment they had the photodynamic being the harshest. I may have looked like a crushed grapefruit had I gotten the photodynamic. Anyone subject themselves to getting zapped by lasers and light before?