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    Default New Casual Fragrance

    Hey all,

    In need of a new, casual fragrance. Had Aqua DiGio as the last scent due to massive recommendation, but it wasn't for me. Looking for somrthing more interesting and distinct, with more power, more of an edgeiness to it.

    What does everyone think of Polo Blue? (not Sport, but the basic one).

    Any other interesting, yet not too popular basics? Tried Dolce, but the drydown wasn't my favorite. I have liked it on others, but not me for some reason.


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    Default Re: New Casual Fragrance

    I have Polo Blue and it's one of my favorite fragrances! A good all-around scent that I find classy and not overpowering!

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    Default Re: New Casual Fragrance

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    Without knowing a lot of details about you, here are some general recommendations of fragrances you may want to sample:

    Bulgari - Aqua
    Baldessarini - Ambre
    Burberry - London for Men
    Gucci - Envy for Men
    Gucci - Gucci pour Homme I
    Hermes - Terre d'Hermes
    Iceberg - Iceberg Twice Homme
    Marc Jacobs - Marc Jacobs for Men
    Narciso Rodriguez - Narciso Rodriguez for Men
    Prada - Prada Amber pour Homme
    Sean John - Unforgivable
    Thierry Mugler - Mugler Cologne
    Tom Ford - Tom Ford for Men
    Yves Saint-Laurent - Kouros
    Yves Saint-Laurent - L'Homme
    Chanel - Egoiste Platinum
    Viktor and Rolf - Antidote
    Guerlain - Vetiver
    Aqua di Parma - Colonia or Colonia Assoluta or Colonia Intensa
    John Varvatos - John Varvatos for Men

    Good luck with your search!

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    Default Re: New Casual Fragrance

    My suggestions:

    FRACAS For Men
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    Default Re: New Casual Fragrance

    Today, I'm wearing CK Truth, which, while not the most exotic scent out there, is to my nose, marvelously fresh and uncomplicated. My favorite aspect of it is the smell of cut grass layered in among the notes of citrus and sunlight. It's summery and pleasant and I've gotten a couple of compliments on it. It was easy to find at my local mall and inexpensive, too, which to me kind of defines "casual".

    Your mileage may vary!

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    Default Re: New Casual Fragrance

    i know you have lots to choose from here but i give a very high reccomendation for vera wang men, even though it bears no resemblance to AdG...the drydown can be summed up neatly....freakin incredible
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    Default Re: New Casual Fragrance

    Kouros and TdH come to mind, although they're both worlds away from AdG. I think Allure might be right up your alley, although it too is very different from AdG.

    If you want a really distinctive frag in the same family as AdG (but with much more quality and character), try Fougères Marines by Montale. It's one of the very, very best aquatics out there. In a much lower price range in the same general family, there are Herrera's Aqua and Rochas' Aquaman.
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    Default Re: New Casual Fragrance

    Well, after AdG nothing is too popular... So I am inclined to suggest Issey Miyake. Again, there are many scents to suggest, but given that summer is coming:
    ck Truth
    YSL Live Jazz
    Burberry London
    Moschino Friends
    Dolce Gabbana Masculine
    L'eau Par Kenzo
    Nina Ricci Memoire D'Homme

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    Default Re: New Casual Fragrance

    Burberry Brit
    Kouros Body
    Thierry Mugler Cologne
    One of the lesser worn Armani fragrances that I get comments on often is Emporio White and it can be found very reasonable.

    There are others of course but these are a few I find very good for casual wear without drawing too much attention.

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    Default Re: New Casual Fragrance

    Erolfa (Creed) is my favourite casual scent. Heavily applied, though...

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    Default Re: New Casual Fragrance

    I'd like to suggest my favorite underdog, Tabaróme Millésime by Creed. It really has no brothers or cousins that I could think of. Bracing ginger, tobacco leaves and jasmine over the house base. I can use a small bottle of it every summer.
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    Default Re: New Casual Fragrance

    Bvlgari Aqua
    Bvlgari Aqua Marine

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    Default Re: New Casual Fragrance

    Well I went to a few stores today, and the one cologne that stuck out nicely that I have not seen review here is "Fuel for Life" for men, by Diesel.

    Sort of what I was looking for - a fresh, casual scent, but something that has an edge to it and sticks out nicely.

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    Default Re: New Casual Fragrance

    I posted my thoughts on Fuel For Life here:

    I think another scent you should definitely check out if you like Fuel for Life is Hugo XY. It's an extremely vibrant and uplifting minty fresh scent. It's easy enough to find and worth a sample, imo.
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    Default Re: New Casual Fragrance

    Versace - Black Jeans
    CDG Series 2: Red - Palisander
    L'Artisan - Dzing!
    Moschino - Friends

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    Default Re: New Casual Fragrance

    Burberry London and Brit
    DG By
    Armani Emporio Night
    Prada PH

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    Default Re: New Casual Fragrance

    Quote Originally Posted by Boal View Post
    Well, after AdG nothing is too popular... So I am inclined to suggest Issey Miyake
    Exactly my thoughts. I'd second also Bulgari Acqua and L'eau par Kenzo too.

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