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    I have a confession to make.

    On Sunday, I was flying back home to Athens, GA from a blogging conference in Philadelphia. I was tired, overstimulated, hungry, and sleep-deprived when I stumbled across the Philadelphia International Airport's Duty Free shop.

    I charged in and found myself facing a very well-rounded selection of fragrances, lots of stuff I've seen talked about here and in Chandler Burr's columns, and on Now Smell This, etc.

    I didn't even know where to begin. There weren't any readily available paper test strips, so I squirted one or two things, then realized I was just too tired (and potentially too broke) to make any kind of decision. When I got home, I checked my bank balance and found that my paycheck had already made its direct deposit and I could have bought anything I wanted, but I was really just too worn out to put in the mental effort.

    Now I'm kicking myself that I didn't devote more time and effort to it.


    There, I feel better now that I've gotten that off my chest.

    Any suggestions from you guys on what to leap at in the future? Any favorite blind buys you've made?

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    I'll grab something for a very low price if it's something I was interested in. Otherwise, I'm slowly trying to build up a grasp of the variety. For example, some frags are described as orientals, but they can be very similar or quite different, at least to my sense of smell.

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    I like to choose things that used to sit with the better department store frags for $50 but have fallen to the bins at Marshalls for $12 for my blind buys. Sometimes I choose things on ebay that are more than that but that have been around for ages and retained thier market value, like Guerlain Imperial from the mid 1800's(on the way now) and Caron Pour Un Homme from 1934(also on its way). Both of those have been around a while. Otherwise, I test first. I'm glad of that because I have tested some things that I was sure I would like, but didn't.

    I'm from GA too by the way.

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    Default Re: Option Paralysis

    Oh I can relate to your experience, and favorite blind buys... John Varvatos is one of my best blind buys

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    Default Re: Option Paralysis

    I understand you. I woud only worry of there were some hard to find frags at a discount price. Otherwise, you can always find a good deal online, and get frags blind there. And then sell or swap them if you don't like them.
    And in any case, I am against blind buys, so I think you did well.

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    I often get the same.. Go into somewhere with a mental list of 5-10 frags I want to try and only walk out with 2 tester cards sprayed.. Or the opposite, I say what I want and got around 30 tester cards sprayed by SAs.

    I asked for something 'green' and with vetiver in it to a very unaware SA... Bad mistake.
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