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    Default Dior Homme & Dior Homme Intense

    Now..... I'm a sucker for anything that I think is "different" distinctive and unique.

    I'm a sucker for Opium PH edt, Egoiste and Antaeus, and those three are recognisable to me from a mile away. I can even tell how long someone's had it on, I know how the fragrances slowly drift into their layers throughout the day.

    But I also love floral. And my greatest wish in the world of perfume is that the western world gets over this stupid bullshit about "floral is for girls" and "woods are for boys".

    This is where Dior Homme pushes the boundaries a bit and I really like that effect that it's had.

    At first I wasn't overly enamoured by it, it was pleasant and different but I'd had it sprayed on my arm on a hot day by a stingy purse-lipped bitch of a sales assistant who was trying to save as much as she could on the tester bottle. On top of that, my arm seems to be a Chernobyl disaster area for fragrances at the best of times. Don't know why, it just is.

    I smelt the iris, the cocoa, sage, lavender and the vetiver/patchouli hiding in the base. The overall "tone" of this one is the dusky iris with the cloud of cocoa and woods lurking in the background. And I've grown to love it the more I've smelt it.

    But, I feel that it's the sort of fragrance that I'd have to spray heavily for it to last the distance. I have never seen the "Intense" version, and am seriously contemplating getting it, but for the life of me can't find a tester or even anyone who's heard of it.

    I don't blind buy, so if I'm handing over more than AU$80 for a 50ml (admittedly it's an eau de parfum!) i'd still like to give it a shot.

    Has anyone tried it, and if so what are the characteristics you have noted? Is it markedly different in its focus to the EDT?
    Does anyone know where I could try a tester of the Intense version? Or even a wee little sample?

    Many many thanks in advance to this post.... and apologies, I've written this in a delirium of fatigue and sleep deprivation.

    ~ Snifferdog

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    Default Re: Dior Homme & Dior Homme Intense

    You might find help witht this recent thread.
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    Red face Re: Dior Homme & Dior Homme Intense

    woops! no wonder I got roundly ignored!

    sorry folks!

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