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    Default Cologne vs. Pheromones

    I watched on Discovery that the pheromones (and the "messages" regarding that person's immunization system) that people's bodies emit is what truly "attracts" another person.

    Recently I walked past a gorgeous young woman and her smell had me doing backflips in my stomach (in a good way). Is there a fragrance that can actually do that or do you think her body chemistry mixed with the pleasant smell?

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    Default Re: Cologne vs. Pheromones

    YEs, but I the scent had nothing to do with pheromones... IT was some cheap perfume but Damn it smelled so good on her.

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    Default Re: Cologne vs. Pheromones

    Hmm, hard to answer this one without getting quite smutty really. Fact is that we are all animals and we still have an atavistic response to scent. We are actually preprogrammed to respond to musky smells, particularly genitally believe it or not - which is why the sweat in the genital area smells different (and yes it does release pheromones).

    However in our sanitised society we have washed away our animal smells, but we then add back elements of sexual scents (which is why some people like cumin in colognes, others don't) with colognes.

    Add to that that we place certain attributes to smells, be they expensive or alluring or whatever and we can to a certain degree reprogramme our expectations of what we find attractive in a scent on someone else.

    I for example, was stopped dead in my tracks a while back by a young woman wearing Coco Mademoiselle, she smelled fantastic. I didn't fancy her, but I wanted that scent on my wife.

    Be aware also that our subconscious is also on the lookout for likely mates (in the sexual sense) and will identify aspects of a woman through her scent which it recognises as being a good compliment to your own genetic package. So if you meet someone who rings those scent bells, there's a fairly good chance you are going to be more attractive to them than you otherwise might have thought.

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