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    Default Perfume vs. Pheromones

    I watched on Discovery that the pheromones (and the "messages" regarding that person's immunization system) that people's bodies emit is what truly "attracts" another person.

    Recently I walked past a gorgeous young woman and her smell had me doing backflips in my stomach (in a good way). Is there a fragrance that can actually do that or do you think her body chemistry mixed with the pleasant smell?

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    Default Re: Perfume vs. Pheromones

    This should probably be on the guy's board but as long as we are here...
    I think it is pheromones augmented by just the right fragrance. The fragrance gets you to breath deeply and the blend of it and the pheromones (natural not the bottled stuff) make the chemistry work.
    I recall many years ago a beautiful lady who was nice and friendly and an interesting person but there was no chemistry there. One day I went in to where she worked and she was wearing Poison. For her it worked! I was extremely, and obviously, taken with her from that moment on. Nothing ever happened, two different worlds, you know. However to this day I remember her. Yasmin, if you are reading this the allure is still working after all these years!
    The right combo is what makes it all work.

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    Default Re: Perfume vs. Pheromones

    id say the bottled pheromones definatley play a role, but its hard to cover up obvious visual cues like baldness fatness and uglyness. no pheromone will help you with that ..

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    Default Re: Perfume vs. Pheromones

    Some bald people are very attractive to me. For example, Patrick Stewart would be handsome to me no matter if he were wearing Eau de Polecat. (Speaking of which, I personally think skunks have an almost sweet smell, unless my dog is carrying one in his mouth and is standing right outside the backdoor.)
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    Default Re: Perfume vs. Pheromones

    I had a recent similar experience(that I'm gonna post about on the guys' board ).

    Long story a short, a guy who was only "ok" looking sat in front of me on the train and once he settled into his seat this fragrance started seeping back to me. It wasn't "amazing" or strong. It was familiar but I couldn't place it right away so I kept sniffing the air. The more I sniffed, the more I wanted to sniff. It started to affect me. The man hadn't been on the train for 5 minutes and I was thisclose to climbing over the seat and attacking him a' la the corny Axe commercials. After a few moments when my brain kicked back in, it registered that he was wearing Kiehl's Musk Oil.

    I was sooo happy that the next stop was mine because I was afraid of what I might do. I had to stop myself from touching him!

    I've never had a reaction to a man's fragrance like that.

    It was almost frightening.

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