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    Default what to wear at summer nights?

    During the the day when it's hot I usually wear something fresh/aquatic. What about the night? I don't exactly want the strongest winter scent but I think summer nights deserve a little more substance than aquatic, yet still keeping some fresh smells (citrus or cut grass maybe?) So it is up to you the great basenotes community to recommend this humble one, a scent for summer nights.

    This is my current arsenal so that you can sort of get a sense of what I like: Chrome(Azzaro), Dolce & Gabbanna, Le Male (Jean Paul Gaultier)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: what to wear at summer nights?

    Citruses are the best choice, especially lemon/lime. Citruses are classical, versatile and lightweight. Do buy a bottle of Eau Sauvage to start, and then buy full-body citric perfume, such as Signoricci or Hadrien.

    I prefer to use orange fragrances during the day. But I think that lemon is suitable for the evenings.
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    Default Re: what to wear at summer nights?

    I agree with Lucius, citrus is good for warmer weather. However, I will add that (IMHO) some exotic or tropical florals can be nice in the summer too. Hammam Bouquet's hint of rose is nice. Bandit's funky, pungent florals would be a nice complement to a warm summer breeze. Jaipur's dry down may be too powdery but the top notes in it work nicely for summer evening wear. Maybe some greener scents with violet, lilly, and/or jasmine notes? I'm thinking of carribbean nights when breezes blow strongly before big storms and bring the scents of mountain flowers down to the beach.
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    Default Re: what to wear at summer nights?

    from what you have i think d&g and chrome would fit. armani code is my favorite "night" scent, you should see if you like it. i have no idea what a summer night scent would be honestly i think anything fresh and fruity would fit though. burberry touch, happy, 212men(which reminds me of cut grass) and emporio armani maybe?

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    Default Re: what to wear at summer nights?

    Some suggestions:

    Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue (women's version)
    Aqua di Parma Colonia or Colonia Assoluta or Colonia Intensa
    Etro Lemon Sorbet
    Marc Jacobs for Men
    Yves Saint-Laurent Kouros (sprayed lightly)
    Yves Saint-Laurent Opium pour Homme Eau d'Orient (Opium summer scent)
    Iceberg Twice Homme
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    Default Re: what to wear at summer nights?

    i second the Marc Jacobs for Men suggestion.

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    Default Re: what to wear at summer nights?

    Versace L'Homme is amazing on a Summer night.

    Also, try Kouros Fraicheur.

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    Default Re: what to wear at summer nights?

    My choices for a summer night:

    Desire Blue
    D&G Pour Homme
    Rive Gauche
    Passage d'Enfer

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