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    Default D'Orsay Chevalier

    Have any one of you experienced the vintage version of this one? How does it compare to the one they currently sell? I am amazed by ALL the current fragrances this house has, and was quite amazed as to how it doesn't have as much of a following on here. D'Orsay can't seem to do anything wrong just like Aramis!

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    Default Re: D'Orsay Chevalier

    Joe_Frances mentioned in his review of Chevalier d'Orsay that he tried the older version and he liked the reformulated version better.

    D'Orsay is not really available in many places. It is sold at and and Bergdorf Goodman in New York, but other than that, I am not sure. This is probably one reason why this line is not talked about much.

    Scentmental also discussed the line and his feelings in another thread some time ago.
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    Default Re: D'Orsay Chevalier

    I am not sure there's any "vintage" CdO around these days. The one to really get in vintage, frankly,since you like all the D'Orsay fragrances, is Le Dandy vintage which is available at Perfume Court. Now THAT is great in the vintage version, and absolutely worth getting.
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    if somebody is still interested in a vintage bottle of Chevalier D'Orsay, just contact me, I have some of them and want to reduce my stock. It's a 1 fl. oz. vapo in original package - looks like new, still smells good and sprayer works perfectly. I can send you pics on request.


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    Default Re: D'Orsay Chevalier

    I appreciate this thread question, and also the archival reference of JWS. I learned about this. According to scentemental, the scent was reformulated in 1996.
    I had a sample which I now am convinced was of the vintage version. I tried that very early in my BN days, so I lacked the vocabulary and background to understand it fully. At the time, the image of burnished gold and a great noble character emerged -- like a marvelous old painting by Rembrandt.
    A year ago I purchased a bottle -- and was lucky to do so, as D'Orsay scents are hard to find. This bottle is of the reformulated version. When I look at my varied response between sample and bottle (and also the flip-flops in the BN review section), it all makes sense now.
    So how is the new version? Pretty good, and worth seeking out for its distinctive and classy character. I'd say it is fresher, sweeter, perhaps a touch more fruit and less noble spice and incense. I like it, but I think the vintage juice was incredible.

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