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Thread: Lubbock, TX

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    Default Lubbock, TX

    The South Plains Mall:
    Dillard's (Guerlain [including Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat and Guerlain Vetiver as of 11/29/09], Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder, Clinique; Mugler's Angel and Alien; Flowerbomb)
    Victoria's Secret
    Abercrombie and Fitch
    Bath and Body Works
    Banana Republic
    JC Penney's
    Dillard's for Men (a separate building) (Added 08/22/2008: A*men, Bmen, Mugler Cologne, Azzaro Chrome, Azzaro Legend, D&G Light Blue, D&G The One, D&G, Gucci stuff, Burberry stuff including Weekend/Summer/Touch, Chanel stuff including Allure/Platinum Egoiste, Tuscany stuff, Aramis, Nautica, Le Male, and a ton of other stuff, which I don't remember)
    Beall's (Deseo, Youth Dew)
    (Edit 01/16/2013: Mervyn's has closed down and is replaced by a movie theater at which one can buy beer, which is a pretty big thing for a formerly dry city.)

    The South Plains Mall tends to carry mainstream perfumes, mostly. However, when I asked the lady at the Guerlain counter if they carried Jicky, she said, "We're out of it right now, but try over at Drug Emporium." Edit 11/09/2008: Last month, Dillard's *did* have Jicky in stock again.


    Drug Emporium is on the southeast corner of Slide & 82nd. (It's next to Rosa's.) Drug Emporium has more scents than any other store in Lubbock. Seriously. So there is no way I'm going to list them all. However, below are some harder-to-find scents that they do carry:

    Gres Cabotine (but not Cabochard)
    Fendi and Fendi Uomo (as I found out)
    Montana Parfum de Peau
    Bulgari Black and Omnia
    Burberry *'s
    and a host of other stuff that one cannot find at the mall/CVS/Walgreen's/Wal-Mart.
    They did not, however, have Jicky.

    The guys' fragrance shelves at Drug Emporium are JUST as big as the gals' shelves. There's just so much there, I can't list it all.


    Common department stores/drugstores:

    Edit 5/22/08:
    Super Wal-Mart: (Pick your Super Wal-Mart. We have four.) Some carry Juicy Couture and Burberry's.
    CVS: Some carry Halston and some other older fragrances.
    Walgreens: Fendi can be found at some Walgreens.

    Other stores that may carry bargains:
    Stein Mart: Quaker & South Loop
    TJ Maxx: next to Stein Mart
    Kohl's: Indiana and 98th Street
    Target: University & South Loop
    Super-Target: Brownfield Highway just outside the Loop
    Ross Dress for Less: next to the Super-Target


    Edit 6/14/08: I went over to the new shopping center (called Canyon West) on the Brownfield Hwy just outside the Loop, and discovered they have a new store called Ulta.

    Ulta has a lot of mainstream fragrances for both men and women, but not as many different fragrances as Drug Emporium. The nice thing about Ulta is that all the scents are out on the aisles, which leaves you free to sample them, and not have to wait for a sales person to bring it to you from behind the counter (as in Drug Emporium). There are also little containers of free samples!!!!! (sometimes)

    Men: John Varvatos, Chanel Platinum Égoïste , JPG Le Male, Burberry *'s (but not Burberry Weekend for Men), lots of Bulgari's, and a lot of other stuff I can't remember
    (edit 01/16/2013: I didn't see Kouros or Unforgivable there today....)

    Women: Guerlain Samsara/Shalimar/Insolence/My Insolence, Chanel Coco (EdP and EdT), Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue/The One, Estee Lauder Sensuous/Pleasures/Beautiful/Intuition/Youth Dew, Bulgari's (except Jade), Prada Prada/Infusion D'Iris, Pink Sugar, Coach fragrances, and a lot of others I can't remember.
    (Edit: 12/18/2008 They no longer have Boucheron,Miss Boucheron, or Hypnotic Poison.)
    (Edit: 01/16/2013 I didn't see Harajuku's. I don't remember seeing Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Prada Tendre, Kenzo Amour/Flower, or Burberry *'s for women, but I may have just not looked hard enough.)


    Edits: 12/13/2008, 2/5/2011
    Heroes and Legacies: on the southeast corner of Quaker and 82nd has Art of Shaving products and Lampe Berger home fragrances, but no Lampe Berger toiletries. Cigars and tobacco remain their main sellers though. Here's a website about this particular chain of stores.
    Last edited by Aiona; 17th January 2013 at 02:52 AM. Reason: Updated Ulta and S. Plains Mall and Heroes and Legacies URL (01/16/2013)

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    Default Re: Lubbock, TX

    I was pleasantly surprised to see Hypnotic Poison available in one of the CVS drugstores. I know the appearance of perfumes in a drug store is often viewed as a sign of an inferior product. But frankly, I'm just happy that I don't have to drive 30 miles anymore to get it.

    Also, I just wanted to post this to bump that stupid i p h o n e advertisement off this section. I may never b u y another c e l l p h o n e again! How irritating!


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    Default Re: Lubbock, TX

    Does anywhere in Lubbock carry Jicky, because I live in Midland so I am in with driving range because I cannot find that frag here.

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    Default Re: Lubbock, TX

    Last time I went to the South Plains Mall (I think it was last month) the women's Dillard's has Jicky.

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    Default Re: Lubbock, TX

    Updated the opening page to let post-Christmas shoppers know that the South Plains Mall (at the women's Dillards) now carries Guerlain's Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat and also Guerlain Vetiver.
    "Embrace those things which give you pleasure, after all, there is so much mediocrity to endure elsewhere." -- Inselaffe

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    Default Re: Lubbock, TX

    Stopped by Ulta today. They have Givenchy Dahlia Noir. And I didn't know Coach is making fragrances.

    Just a note, I really like the staff at Ulta. Everyone is always super helpful. And understanding about my not wanting the coupon card because I'd have to give them my email/address/first-born child, etc.
    "Embrace those things which give you pleasure, after all, there is so much mediocrity to endure elsewhere." -- Inselaffe

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