There was an old post about how the more modern Corduroy is garbage compared to AV. I recently started a thread about looking for a cinnamon scent. I now have Corduroy and also an AV sample vial. I also have Francesco Smalto, Sung Homme, Pino Silvestre, Vermeil, and Carlo Corinto, so I'm not an ozonic/aquatic guy (don't like either one), but I recently had olfactory fatigue due to Carlo Corinto Silver. I took some time off and decided to stay away form the heavy hitters. I sprayed my chest twice with Corduroy before about an hour before bed and waited. I got some nice wafts of cinnamon and whatever else is in there, and it was very pleasant. I woke up a few times to this nice smell. It lasted a long time too. With AV, there is a sweet quality to it that is just too much (when combined with the wood and spices). It wears me out quickly, though not nearly as badly as CC Silver. Then when I get the wafts, they're too strong and it's more irritating than pleasant. I'm still going to wear the classics, though with Pino, for instance, I always walk under a mist of it rather than spraying directly. Some I wear only below the knees (like CC Rouge). This allows me to appreciate both kinds (when I tried AV, it was below the knees, though I often cross my legs, and get the wafts that way). So I guess I'm saying that there's a way to appreciate the classics and the moderns (assuming they are good ones), which is something most people would agree with. But getting back to the title of the post, AV is just too good for my sense of smell and wears me out, and so I've realized that what some consider flaws may have been created for a reason other than cheapness or pandering to the metrosexual types. What is unfortunate is that there is no user's guide that comes with frags, explaining how different applications will lead to different experiences.