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    Default Creed recommendations

    I am thinking about placing an order from the perfumed court for some Creed samples. I ordered one of the sampler packs and the only scent I really liked was Creed. A coworker wears a creed unisex scent... she showed me the bottle, which was white and the only one I see that is white and squared off is Silver Mountain and I find it just phenomenal on her.

    So, I am thinking this house has potential. Can anyone suggest some scents to try? Female or unisex is fine.


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    Default Re: Creed recommendations

    Silver Mountain Water and Love in White both come in white bottles. LiW's bottle (and scent) is a bit more femme. Other great uni scents are Millesime Imperial and Neroli Sauvage. My favorite femme scents are Fleurissimo and Tubereuse Indiana. Sample away and have fun!

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    Default Re: Creed recommendations

    fleurs de bulgarie its a bit more formal though I suppose...

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    Default Re: Creed recommendations

    My Favorite Creeds are Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie, Angelique Encens, Vanisia and Fleurs de Bulgarie.

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    Default Re: Creed recommendations

    The two I have - both of which I love to bits - are Spring Flower and Vanisia. They are completely different, but both are long-lasting and beautifully blended.
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    Default Re: Creed recommendations

    And now for something completely different... Cypres-Musc is exceptional: dry, resinous, green, quietly assertive. It is a masculine scent. It also is a limited edition and thus hard to find. My other favorite Creed scent is Epicea which has a pine/herbal tone. I find other Creeds to be too rich and sweet for my taste.

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    Default Re: Creed recommendations

    I'll add one to the mix: Citrus Bigarrade. I just can't get enough of this lemon/citron/bitter orange peel scent.

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    Default Re: Creed recommendations

    Wow! Thank you! I am thinking of getting a bunch of different ones to try.

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    Default Re: Creed recommendations

    Another vote for Jasmine Imperatrice Eugenie, Vanisia, and Tuberose Indiana. My other favorite feminine Creeds are Fleurissimo and Ambre Cannelle (though the latter should DEFINITELY be tested before buying!).

    Baie de Genievre is marketed as a masculine scent, but it was the first Creed (and only) I bought retail. Spicy and elegant!

    Happy sampling, and please let us know what you end up with...
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    Default Re: Creed recommendations

    This is what I am thinking of sampling. Does anyone have any opinions? Additions or subtractions, etc?

    Angelique Encens
    Fleurs de Bulgarie
    Jasmine Imperatrice Eugenie
    Love in White
    Neroli Sauvage
    Millesime Imperial
    Royal Delight
    Royal Water
    Spring Flower
    Tubereuse Indiana
    Virgin Island Water
    Creed Zeste Mandarin Pamplemousse
    I should add that the one I tried that I loved was 2000 Fleurs, however it did not last! After an hour, no one can smell it, it just disappears. Do any of the ones I selected have a similar problem?

    I am finding the ones I am drawn to have problems with disappearing and the ones I absolutely find nauseating last and last and last until I have to scrub them off!
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    Default Re: Creed recommendations

    Angelique Encens is magical!

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