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    Default Penhaligon's no longer at Saks?

    Over the past few years, Saks made a big deal out of carrying Penhaligon's line at 25+ stores around the country. Today, I went in my local Saks (Tysons Corner VA) looking to pick up a bottle of Blenheim Bouquet and they told me that Saks had pulled the product out of all their stores except for NYC.

    Does anyone know why this happened? Do any other major chains sell Penhaligon's that I might be able to pick a bottle up locally?

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    Default Re: Penhaligon's no longer at Saks?

    Dumb question but did you check their website?


    101 E Water St
    VA 22902

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    Default Re: Penhaligon's no longer at Saks?

    Yeah, I saw that. Charlottesville is quite a haul from Northern Virginia - but thanks for the tip.

    I was mostly curious about why Penhaligon's was pulled back from Saks. It seems like they don't have very good distribution here in the States...


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    Default Re: Penhaligon's no longer at Saks?

    A sales associate in my area who once worked for Penhaligon's at Saks said that it was PENHALIGON'S decision to pull their boutiques within Saks and sell only through stand-alone stores. I was disappointed, too, since the Saks boutique near me only lasted about a year, and it added class to the store's now-tacky perfume department dominated by Bond No. 9 bottles.
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    Default Re: Penhaligon's no longer at Saks?

    Same thing has happened here - they pulled Penhaligon from e.g. Selfridges and have opened a stand alone store in town. They were never an integral part of the perfumerie at my nearest Selfridge's , they were on another floor near the bedding and fancy goods departments. Perhaps they were never happy with that arrangement, or they insisted on it but it no longer worked for Selfridge's. When I'm in Selfridges now I miss the very knowledgable assistant from the Penhaligon team. She had some nose, that girl. The perfumerie staff downstairs are no match for her, as nice as they are.

    I must visit the new store and see if she is still there.

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    Default Re: Penhaligon's no longer at Saks?

    I have a great memory of buying my wife a bottle of Penhaligon's at the Tyson's Corner Saks you speak of. Artemisia, I believe. One of her favorites, but I believe the bottle has gone "off". We so enjoy shopping together. Peas in a pod. We don't deny each other anything...luckily we both have the sense to reign our own self in.

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