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    Default Something with jasmine in it?

    Hi! So I've found my new hobby for the next several months (or years), and it's smelling things. The best part is that it's next to free- I just go to department stores like The Bay or Sears and spray little cards with everything I can find. (I even bring a pen to label them!) Anyway, despite several afternoon searches, I still haven't found anything with a good jasmine note in in that I like. The Boy and I both love the smell of jasmine. Smelling jasmine tea makes me feel so happy. But jasmine seems to go all weird in perfumes, or I can't smell it. Mind you, my sense of smell is apparently very poor. I think continuous bouts of influenza damaged my smell receptors.

    Some background: I'm totally new to this, so I own, at this moment, one full bottle and one tester. My boyfriend and I favour L de Lolita Lempicka. We love it. It's all orangey-like in my mind (I sometimes see perfumes in colours). I like the citrusy top notes and the vanilla; he thinks it smells "unique," in his words. Plus, apparently it makes him want to taste me. However, my girlfriends had negative, "too sweet!" or "weird!" comments on it.

    I also have a little tester of Lancome's Hypnose (EDP), which I really liked at first, but now the passionflower note jars with me; it's really, really sickeningly fruity/sweet/whatever, and I think I have some kind of "boring! fruity! gah!" thing against fruity smells. Hypnose is not BAD, per se, just... wouldn't buy a full bottle. I think. Sort of.

    We've also gone on sniff tests of Nina by Nina Ricci (with the so-cute apple bottle), Deep Red by Hugo Boss, and Light Blue by D&G.

    Thoughts on Nina: I love the bottle, but what's inside is more important. Liked it at first whiff. He liked the apple note and thought it was sweet. It's very... fresh, clean. Not the tropical kind of fruity. Doable. The girls liked it, too. But no jasmine note! And little lasting power.

    Thoughts on Deep Red: The girls liked it, I liked it. My roomie said it smelled like my room. >___> O-kay. It's deeper, stronger. But the boy said it smelled like candy. Come to think of it, it smelled totally different the two times I went to try it: with the girls, it smelled more red, but clean. With the boy, it smelled... fruity. No to fruity! I think the bottle might have gone bad. Maybe try again. But, again, no jasmine note.

    Thoughts on Light Blue: I liked it, and my little sister liked it. It was clean, clear, like summer sky. The boy thought it was a little synthetic and chemical at first (we've both worked in chem labs at the university, and he said it was a bit like, well, acetone), but after LB dried down a little he liked it. My little sister liked LB more than Nina. More lasting power than Nina. Has a jasmine note, but my burned-out nose can't smell it.

    I also did a sniff test of Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Liked that, too. Apparently it also has jasmine. Can't smell it. Maybe someone else can- in that case, sing out and I'll just attribute my inability to smell it to my inferior nose.

    So here's my actual question: wherefore would I find a perfume with a good, strong jasmine note that I might like, considering what else I've liked? Any recommendations? I'm not looking for a soliflore, mind you... something composed. And, uh, I live in Canada where the selection of high-end perfumes is poor. Also, I personally am poor. I'm a student. Smelling things is free; keeping the smell is not, sadly....
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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    Hi - Welcome to Basenotes!

    I don't know a lot about female jasmine fragrances, so it is hard for me to recommend any to you. But a search of the Basenotes fragrance directory yields 386 fragrances that are classified as feminine, and are currently still in production, and have jasmine as one of the notes:

    Hopefully you can find one there that meets your criteria.

    Good luck with your search!

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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    I was looking into jasmine fragrances a while ago and came across Montale Jamine Full. I haven't got round to trying it but it may be one for you. Have a look at the description on, and they sell samples.

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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    i recommend you to try Sensi from Armani, there are some tones of jasmine and it
    is very sensual. And men love it.
    Also Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel is very nice and very feminine and elegant.
    I think it is better as eau de toilette.
    Also try 212 sexy from Carolina Herrera and Bright Crystal from Versace.
    I am not sure if there is jasmine in these 2 fragrances but they are very nice and feminine
    so you might like them.

    I cant recommend Light Blue because it could be called the Czech national fragrance:-)
    So many Czech women use it i smell it somewhere all the time also at least 5 of my friends wear it.
    But maybe in Canada it is that massively popular:-)

    Good luck with searching the very special perfume:-)


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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?


    This probably won't fit with the budget or the geography, so may be one for the future, but anyway, I recommend Serge Lutens A La Nuit - finest jasmine I've ever smelt, TOTALLY true to the flowers that grow in Greece on the island where I go on holiday. I've picked the flowers and compared them directly with the perfume, and it's spot on. There is another SL jasmine fragrance, the name of which currently escapes me - it's a new one, purple in colour. Damn! Someone will help with that soon, I'm sure. I have a small sample of it, but I find it synthetic when compared with A La Nuit.

    Welcome to basenotes!
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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    Clemmie, it's Sarasins!!! (fellow jasmine lover!) I couldn't agree more, A La Nuit is the very absolute are some others you might want to try:

    Bath & Body Works Night Blooming Jasmine
    Voile de Jasmin (Bulgari)
    Jasmal (Creed)
    Love at First Glow (JLo)

    But still, if you want to smell the natural, raw, authentic & fresh jasmine, it's got to be Serge Luten's A La Nuit. It is beyond compare!

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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    Thanks, guys! I tried to go through the whole directory for all the jasmine-noted scents a while ago and my mind near exploded... I was hoping to narrow the range down.

    Hmmm... I don't know if we get Montale in Canada (in any place but perhaps Holt Renfrew in Toronto)... but I'll look into it, it sounds sweet. We did a sniffer of Coco Mademoiselle a couple of days ago. It was pretty good. I'll drop by a department store sometime with 212 sexy, Sensi, and Bright Crystal on my list. Thanks!

    And, lalalali, you're right about Light Blue being everywhere. Mind you, my campus is full of really brainless, new-money, fake-and-bake party girls wearing tights and flats, so the smell of choice is, I think, Aquolina Pink Sugar, which I seriously object to. But off-campus I smell a lot of Light Blue. It just seems like such a "normal" office fragrance.

    Clemmie and ubuandibeme, I want SOOOOO badly to try A La Nuit it huuuurts! But it's nowhere to be found in Canada and I'm wary of shipping it in from the States because it'll probably get stopped at the border and either A) confiscated or B) slapped with five hundred dollars in taxes. And it's, um, prohibitively expensive. It's almost an entire month's groceries to get 50 mL. O___O

    I'll keep all your suggestions in mind. Thanks again!!

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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    You could try a sample vial of Bond no 9 Eau de New York. I notice the Jasmine quite alot when my gf wears it.

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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    Bvlgari Pour Femme is an extraordinary scent with Jasmine Tea being the prominent accord, and is readily available at most retail outlets. Its very sophisticated - I think you may enjoy it!

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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    I echo the thoughts of other Basenoters here, Bulgari's beautiful Voile de Jasmin is very worthy of consideration.

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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    Hi again,
    there is another lovely frangrance with jasmine which just came into my mind.
    It is In Love Again from Yves Saint Laurent, my friend uses it and it is very nice and sensual.
    Always when we go out men say to her that she has a sexy perfume.
    Maybe you will like it as well.

    Or there is a fragrance called Neroli and Jasmine from The Body Shop,
    i like this one, i often use it in summer, it is very soft and feminine.

    So enjoy trying all the perfumes:-)

    I have just found out, the full name of the fragrance is: In Love Again Etoile Jasmine, thats the sensual one which my friend uses.
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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    L'Artisan The Pour Un Ete - jasmine tea - very nice.

    The perfume shoppe in vancouver stocks all sorts of niche stuff including montale.
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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    This thread reminded me that I had samples of A La Nuit and Sarrasins. I tried them again last night and A La Nuit is divine, it's like smelling a living flower, and the touch of greenness makes it very realistic. The jasmine is not as obvious in Sarrasins to me, it's a more complex fragrance I feel.

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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    Sheer Halston for the ladies has a very prominent Jasmine note tht is very strong all the way to the base..

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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    Thierry Mugler Alien! Lots of jasmine and wood. Smells wonderful.

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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    Oooh, thanks guys! All the positives for A La Nuit make me really, really want to order a sample... maybe later this summer, when I'm not so broke. I'm going to go to the department store and sniff all of these!

    So, funny story: all the guys I've had sniff-test L de Lolita Lempicka like it, but at least half the girls are like, "what IS that?" in a bad way. I think it's because the guys have a more open mind to smells... L smells tasty. The girls who didn't like it were kind of traditional types, and I have this theory that psychologically they have defined What A Perfume Smells Like and can't deviate from that.

    In conclusion, still seeking that jasmine.

    I've heard good things about Songes by Annick Goutal, and I've a friend going to Europe for the summer. Worth asking if she can buy me a small one? (I will probably ask her to seek me out A La Nuit....)

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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    Quote Originally Posted by pydepiper View Post
    Oooh, thanks guys! All the positives for A La Nuit make me really, really want to order a sample... maybe later this summer, when I'm not so broke.
    This morning I'm sampling A la Nuit for the first time and I'm completely blown away. It smells like my jasmine vine in full bloom with no powdery, cloying sweetness. I want to recommend that you check out Aedes de Venustas for samples ( For $15 they will send you seven samples and their website states that all fragrances on their website can be sampled. The Serge Lutens samples I received are actual manufacturers samples, not decants (not that there's anything wrong with decants!). I'm intending to order more soon, but the hard part is deciding on which seven!

    I called the store recently to ask about something, and the gentleman was very nice and informative. They are in New York and probably have experience with shipping to Canada. I hope they're able to help you!
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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    Please try Sisley by Dolce and Gabanna.

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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    I love jasmine but not night blooming jasmine which isn't really jasmine at all. Serge Luten's A La Nuit was too strong for me. The Body Shop Jasmine too synthetic. However the Anick Goutal Le Jasmin was just right. I sound like Goldilocks & the Three Bears.
    The Bulgari mentioned above is nice & Sarassins is pretty. The juice in Sarassins is dark purple & can stain clothing, if you aren't careful.
    If you'd like something really special, aromatherapist, Dorothy McCall of Kingsbury Fragrances makes a drop dead gorgeous jasmine with the unlikely name of Classic Amber II. It's more of a cold weather fragrance though.
    Neil Morris makes a Vault fragrance called Midnight Jasmine, you can email him for a sample from his website.
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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    Ooooooh. Shiiiny. Thanks for the advice, and I'll definitely check out that Aedes website, oud_girl! ^____^

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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    I also recommend A La Nuit by Serge Lutens. I've tried many jasmine scents, and this is still my favorite one. There's also a jasmine thread on the mens board that might be helpful:
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    Default Re: Something with jasmine in it?

    Another more cheapish Jasmine note scent is Pure Poison by Dior.Comes out all Jasmine on me.

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