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    Plum, rose, tobacco and amber. Sounds like my dream in a bottle! Anyone know where to source this thing? Or what it actually smells like?

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    Mind telling us which house is this from?... 'cause I have no idea.. the notes sound truly delicious though

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    Parfums d'Imperfiction, I don't remember it being mentioned much, if at all. I've been delving into all kinds of roses lately and the notes alone led me to it. With any luck, this could be Voleur de Roses without the patchouli.

    Then again, all I have to go by is the notes...

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    Bumping this up because I'm also intrigued by the description. Has anyone tried it?

    It's now available here:
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    Oh man... this sounds awesome. Someone please report if you have sampled it!

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    Anyone cares to read a gal's point of view?

    O'Alquimista is one of the three fragrances created by Konstantin Mihov. I think I remember that Konstantin studies psychology and is also a pianist and a very long-time member on POL. In other words, he's one of us who tried his hand at composing perfumes. IMO, he's very talented.

    Anyhow, in O'Alquimista the star is a sweet tobacco note - you know, that cured tobacco which is still moist in its pouch or box - rendered slightly powdery by a lovely amber accord, which also lends it considerable depth and amplitude. The tobacco is very smooth, honeyed, not harsh at all and also lacks any dry smoky, "raspy" aspect. I *think* the sweetness is partly due to the plum note that is not individually detectable (to my nose, of course) and the rose is not prominent, just a voice in the chorus.
    I wish I'd be able to compare it to Cuba, for instance, which I know is popular, but I smelled that one long ago and have no clear recollection. Only thing I seem to remember is that Cuba is less sweet and a tad rougher. Nor can I draw a parallel to Havana - I've never smelled it.
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    ^ Interesting.

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    Samples of the above are available at

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    Sloan's wearing of this lately made me resurrect this. Anyone else wear it? Is the tobacco like that in Feulles? Does the rose come through? It is really powdery? Notes are intriguing me so much!!

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    Sorry for reviving this very old thread, but I still haven't sourced this yet. It's no longer on TPC or ausliebezumduft. Anyone?!?!

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    It sounds interesting, where for art thou??
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    Ack. Apparently Mr. Mihov has went on to photography exclusively. Such a shame...

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