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    Default Experiences layering 2 bad frags to make 1 good one?

    After fiddling around with my many frags, I came to conclude that a few simply did not work by themselves, so I decided to see if I could get them to work in combination. I know this is called layering, but I want to be clear that I'm spraying one right next to another, rather than spraying in different parts of the body with different frags. My first highly successful experiment was Jovan Sex Appeal with Carlo Corinto Silver. JSA is too ambery and boring (touch of vanilla perhaps), while CCS is sickly sweet, without much in the way of basenotes (the sweetness and spices just keep coming). The amber seemed to tame the spicy sweetness while the spicy sweetness added interest to the boring amber. I'd like to hear about the successful combing/layering experiments of others on this thread.
    Reading the reviews for Escada for men, I think I might have created something similar !

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    Default Re: Experiences layering 2 bad frags to make 1 good one?

    So what about layering, you Basenoters? Do you, don't you, why, why not?
    We are an adventurous, experimental group and few of us are lemmings. Although that stuff about lemmings running en masse off cliffs is apparently not true. Where is the Jeffersonian spirit? Who among us will invent the dumbwaiter of frags? And would you call it Dumbwaiter?
    Is it that we are interested in fragrances as they were designed to smell, rather than only in smelling good? Like many of you I have a box of samples that I've never given a full wearing, and any number of frags I don't know well, still change my mind about, etc. I like to spend time with perfumes in part as a way of learning the history of perfumery, and layering louses up that process. And yet...there is something lost.
    I loved the story in Burr's The Perfect Scent about Sarah Jessica Parker's fragrance of choice, a layering of an Egytian oil blend, cheap musk and Avignon. I think it was. And I like that spirit of independence and experimentation.
    Speak to me of layering or the evils of layering. And thanks to Bigsly for a cool and thoughtful thread, may it escape oblivion.

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    Default Re: Experiences layering 2 bad frags to make 1 good one?

    Thoughtful. I'd love to see what you guys come up with.
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    Default Re: Experiences layering 2 bad frags to make 1 good one?

    Do people consider A Men as a weird frag? If so, my layering of A Men and Mugler Cologne turned out brilliant. The scent I perceived was a fresh gourmand.
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