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    Default Thrift Stores - Scentless

    I like to peruse thrift shops on occasion, and one thing I *never* see is any cologne or perfume. Is there some kind of law in the United States that they can't accept these "personal" items?

    Sure, people aren't stupid -- they know they can have a lot of value -- and lot of them pass them on to friends or relatives, but it seems like if it were "legal" I would have seen at least one bottle somewhere.

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    Default Re: Thrift Stores - Scentless

    There're perfumes at Goodwills in Pennsylvania.

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    Default Re: Thrift Stores - Scentless

    There's an amazing shop in Birmingham called the vintage shop, my GF loves to buy stuff from there, they say it's sanitised and perfectly wearable, but she gets the stuff dry cleaned again anyway. But I asked if they had any vintage fragrances and they don't I was a bit bummed, as they had vintage makeup (vintage red Chanel lipsticks, vintage Caron powder...)

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    Default Re: Thrift Stores - Scentless

    Not true my friend! I once picked up a 100 ml bottle of Bond No.9 Broadway Nite for $8 at a thrift store...FULL. To this day it has been my best purchase (didn't care for the juice though)

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    Default Re: Thrift Stores - Scentless

    I picked up a bottle of new in box Jivago 24K at a local Church thrift store for $3.00
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    Default Re: Thrift Stores - Scentless

    I love hitting thrift stores too, and dang it if I haven't found the same thing--no scents. People give up jewelery, and bras, underwear, socks (with holes in them) and pajamas. All of that goes on sale (not that I buy that stuff, mind you) but I don't see scents either.

    Some time, some day, I'm going to visit one and there will be a small box of a dozen small bottles of straight up parfums from 80 years ago. Some day.
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    Default Re: Thrift Stores - Scentless

    Quote Originally Posted by greendragon View Post
    I picked up a bottle of new in box Jivago 24K at a local Church thrift store for $3.00
    Awesome! I'm all green with envy.

    GREAT summer frag. In my book the best cilantro perfume ever made. And if there are even better one's, please enlighten me.

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    Default Re: Thrift Stores - Scentless

    I have yet to find anything but low quality, mass produced frags and most of those with low fills and either stored in bright sunlight or under shocase lights at the lineup of thrift stores I regularly peruse here in SE Florida. (But the real reason I go there is to score sterling silver--17+ pounds of it last year. Those items hallmarked with a design that indicates sterling (i.e. incused crossed keys for Keyes Co. sterling) but not stamped 'Sterling" , ".900" etc. is usually mistaken for plate by the staff and marked accordingly. A little knowledge is both a dangerous and rewarding thing).
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    Default Re: Thrift Stores - Scentless

    Most thrift stores in Miami do not have fragrances either - maybe all of the employess take them all before they can stay on the shelf?

    However, on my Puerto Rico vacation I scored a couple of vintage mini's, including a White Linen Parfum mini for $1.
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    Default Re: Thrift Stores - Scentless

    I have also never seen any such items and I visit a thrift store about 3 times a week (its on my way home from classes)

    I have managed to score a few good tube amplifiers though

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