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    Default A strange challenge, and some great reading...

    Ok, this has little to do with fragrance, but I really wanted everyone to get a chance to read this. I spent a good portion of today cloistered in my office at the prison avoiding work and reading as many of the Pulitzer prize winning articles as I could (prizes were announced yesterday and yes I'm a total geek). I didn't really mean to spend so much time with it, but once I got started I just ended up on auto pilot. Anyway. This one was by far my favorite, and I'm not sure what compelled me to post it here other than it poses some questions about the value of art that we have discussed here regarding fragrance. On the surface, the article is about a world famous violinist performing in the subway, but is asks some really interesting questions about our culture and our relationship to art and music.

    So here is the challenge...
    I'm pretty sure that if we can't relate this to fragrance in some way Chris will move the thread to the off-topic forum where it will languish unread and unappreciated. Anyone want to give it a shot, and tell me how this relates to our fragrance obsession?

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    Default Re: A strange challenge, and some great reading...

    I'll give it a shot later, but i've got to go now

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    Default Re: A strange challenge, and some great reading...

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    Default Re: A strange challenge, and some great reading...

    Great read Slim.

    I remember well the first time I ever heard the Bach Chaconne. Yehudi Menuhin on LP. I think I replayed it a dozen times that day. I was totally taken with both the piece and the artist playing the piece. It was wonderful to finally see him play that piece on DVD a few years ago in documentary film by Bruno Monsaingeon: "Art of Violin--The Devil's Instrument".

    Joshua Bell's experience is interesting and raises a good point. Without all the hype and hoopla of advertising and positive (or negative) critical opinion to steer people into a particular thought mode all that was left to attract attention to the artist was the performance itself. And the article pointed out how that worked.

    We can wonder just how much the general public, and for that matter some of us here on Basenotes, are influenced to like or dislike a particular fragrance based on the words written about it and advertisements touting it. Just how much do we rely on our own 'expertise' as to what we like and/or buy despite what advertising and others say?
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    Default Re: A strange challenge, and some great reading...

    "Omigosh, what kind of a city do I live in that this could happen?"

    Loved the article. The shoeshine lady from Brazil was right. In her country people would definitely stop to listen to Joshua Bell. In Brazil people do not make themselves as busy as americans. They allow themselves more time to enjoy life.


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