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    Default Speaking of Lutens: Chene experience

    So, a while back I ordered a bottle of Chene from Paris (I live in Italy) based largely on enjoying a sample. Let me get this out of the way: it's a great, if eccentric, fragrance and I like it. Also, what you get in the bottle can be miles from what you get in the samples.

    I read over the reviews on this site and don't want to write what someone else has already written. By and large, I think they are accurate. I will add this, though:

    After wearing it for three days (and right now) it is sweeter than I thought. The sweetness is all over the place, from a distant candied apple to cotton candy to a closer-by caramel. It seems to change throughout the day.

    It is strong. Very strong. Two dabs and the fragrance is quite powerful 10 hours later. Yesterday it took a 7 mile run, a shower, and a night of sleep to get it off.

    Here's the biggie: other writers say it smells like smoke and wood. Yes, to me it smells like, well, wood, more more a freshly cut, resinous stump. Smoke? Lots of smoke. More than I expected, but...

    Where there is smoke, there is fire, and this is where I differ. To me, this fragrance gives off heat. I smell and feel -- feel -- not only smoke but burning wood embers. It creates the illusion of actually heat. I wish that I had discovered this in november. Today was rather cool and it felt nice. Over 70 degrees or so? I don't think I would wear it. Seriously. It is just that warm feeling to me. Into the fridge for summer!

    I can't think of another fragrance that has quite this effect of fire. Can you????

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    Default Re: Speaking of Lutens: Chene experience

    Haven't had the opportunity to sample Chene yet, but after reading your musing, I certainly would like to!

    I find Egoiste rather warm. I wonder whether it's the sweetness... can a non-sweet fragrance also evoke those associations? Gucci pour Homme, for example, is smoky - in a campfire kind of way - but not at all warm to my nose, presumably because it is quite dry.
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    Default Re: Speaking of Lutens: Chene experience

    Encens Flamboyant! (Annick Goutal)

    I have also sampled Chene (liquid sample), I think I understand what you mean.

    After having sampled quite a lot of incense based fragrances lately, this is the only one that gives me the feeling of real heat. My full bottle arrived today and it fits perfectly since its snowing again...

    To me this is a perfect incense scent. It has similarities to Lez Nez Let me play the Lion (also created by Doyen) and CdG Hinoki. The incense is both warm and comforting and fresh at the same time. Not at all "churchy" like Avignon and it´s likes. And as I said it evokes that feeling of being close to a fire. When I close my eyes I see a glowing red-orange color.

    Well this turned out to be my first attempt to make a (short) review of a fragrance...

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    Default Re: Speaking of Lutens: Chene experience

    Sorry, I don't get heat and I don't get smoke. This is a green, cool, (slightly) fruity, and woody scent to me. I picture walking through the woods, early in the morning or maybe cutting tree limbs with a chainsaw. After application, I smell a fruity pineapple accord mixed with tree sap. It pretty much stays that way on my skin all the way through. It doesn't get sweet on my skin but that might just be skin chemistry. I love Chene and think about getting a bell jar all of the time. Although, I think there are a couple of SLs that are higher on my list at the moment.

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    Default Re: Speaking of Lutens: Chene experience

    Really? You need to try it out of the bottle...

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    Default Re: Speaking of Lutens: Chene experience

    To me chêne smells just like the inside of an oak dresser drawer, period. To me that's a good thing, though I can see why it wouldn't be for everyone. As far as I can tell though it has very little sillage, and doesn't last particularly long, though you can never tell for sure on your own and have to ask someone else if they can smell you.
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    Default Re: Speaking of Lutens: Chene experience

    I adore some of the SL fragrances but the wax sample I tried of this just smelled like pure fag ash on my wrist.

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    Default Re: Speaking of Lutens: Chene experience

    Chêne started off very sweet on me, the rum and the honey combining to sugary effect.

    After the sugar burned off, I was left with a comforting, slightly sweet smell of wood chips in the sun.

    I felt the longevity was less than other Lutens I have worn.

    As far as a sensation of heat, I recommend L'Artisan Dzongkha and Divine L'Homme Sage; the lychee brings the heat!
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