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Thread: ambrette 9?

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    Default ambrette 9?

    Anyone try this one by LeLabo...i am inteested because i know that ambrette seeds are used to make musk, but is this one strong enough for a man or is it much too feminine i.e. is it like kingdom(in the sense that its very unisex) or is it seriously for a woman?

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    Default Re: ambrette 9?

    I would like to see what Ambrette 9 is like, but it should be noted that this fragrance is a baby perfume according to the Le Labo web site:

    Ambrette 9 is undeniably the most precious baby formula in the world as it is based mainly on the Ambrette grain, the only musky scent made by nature itself and almost impossible to find. Lightly perfumed, the signature of this formula is fresh and soft thanks to a combination of citrus and fruit that gives Baby (and Mommy) a very special fragrance… A baby perfumed by Le Labo… How cool can you get?
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    Default Re: ambrette 9?

    It's neither masculine or feminine; to me it smells of very clean skin with the barest hint of powder. It's quite lovely, but not even the third thing I would grab in that line. Just me.

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