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    Default Re: Odori - short reviews

    I got samples of these last week and have worn each of them twice for a trial run making notes. Gerald's reveiws are really spot on. Very fine fragrances and each rates highly with me - I guve each of them a B or B+ grade. But $210 is a lot to spend for 100 ml. and is a large volume to commit to. Bottle worthy? Yes if you don't already have a good fragrance in one of these scent profiles - but there are many that are similar to these.

    The impression I get from Odori is that this is a totally marketing driven fragrance creation. I'm not saying they are not good fragrances - they are. They just seem a little overcalculated (is this a word?) These are not works of fragrance art pushing the boundary of new artistic expression. No. These are carefully calculated attempts to improve on niche market favorites of the past few years. With an educated knowledge of popular big hits in niche perfumery from the past few years, the Odori market research asked what do we need based on what has worked? The answer was we need:

    (1) LAVENDER - an all purpose but very approachable lavender herbal = SPIGO!

    (2) LEATHER - likeable spanish leather = an Elsha 1776+Cuiron hybrid = CUOIO.

    (3) TOBACCO - A NO smoke/booze/leather/floral tobacco = rich cavendish pipe = TOBACCO.

    (4) ROSE - the best from the saffron/rose scents on the market = ZAFFERANO.

    (5) IRIS - less green than l'homme coeur, less powder than Iris Poudre, less violet than Iris BG, a warm iris for men = IRIS.

    After trying these twice each I find I really like the Iris and Cuoio best. The zafferano is also very nice but do I need another saffron rose scent with my Montales and Rose 31? The Tobacco just smells like good pipe tobacco to me - not sure thats what I want to smell like.
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    Default Re: Odori - short reviews

    Just found out Holt Renfrew in Toronto is carrying the complete line. Price is C$220 for 100ml.
    They also carry the Bois 1920.

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    Default Re: Odori - short reviews

    I just nabbed a few samples from Holt Renfrew in Ottawa. Shame that they would pick up a random new niche line like this instead of, oh, I don't know, making Frederic Malle available outside of Vancouver, but who am I to question them?...

    Just wanted to give my two cents on the Iris: it seems to be pretty much a direct ripoff of Dior Bois d'Argent. Anybody else get this impression?

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