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    Default Fresh yet sexy summer fragrance?

    I'm looking for a new scent for summer that is fresh yet sensual at the same time. Something that could be worn on a warm summer evening and not be overpowering. I adore Cristobal in the fall and winter but feel it's a little too heavy for the warmer months. I also have Carriere which I feel is suitable for warm weather but is a little too "sterile" for me for social occasions (I wear it to work). I tend to lean toward soft woodsy scents and am not a huge fan of florals. Thanks for any recommendations.

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    Default Re: Fresh yet sexy summer fragrance?

    Have you tried L'Artisan's Mechant Loup? It's more springy than summery, but it's soft and woodsy and exciting all at the same time.

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    Default Re: Fresh yet sexy summer fragrance?

    I love spicey, woody frags also and L'Artisan Safran Troublant is one I love to wear in warm weather.
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    Default Re: Fresh yet sexy summer fragrance?

    have you tried Fidji by Guy Laroche? Its fresh and light and woodsy and spicy all at the same time and although i'm not a big fan of florals either, i love this in the summer.. i think it has a sexy exotic smell.

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    Gio Pour Homme of course,and Aqua Motu by CsP. Acqua di Parma's Colonia and Arancia from the Blu Med Line.

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